Difference between sound pressure level and sound power level

Sound Power, Sound Pressure

difference between sound pressure level and sound power level

Sound power SWL and sound pressure level SPL distance compare Sound intensity in a distance from the sound source "Sound . Differentiate: Sound pressure p is a "sound field quantity" and sound intensity I is a "sound energy quantity".

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The difference between sound power and sound pressure levels is similar to that between the power of a heater and the temperature that it produces. If you stand close to a heater in a large room you will be able to feel heat from it; if you are at the far end of the room you will probably not feel anything. The temperature that the heater produces depends upon how far you are from it and the characteristics of where it is located. The heater will produce a higher temperature in a well insulated room than in a draughty, uninsulated one. Sound power level is the acoustic energy emitted by a source which produces a sound pressure level at some distance. While the sound power level of a source is fixed, the sound pressure level depends upon the distance from the source and the acoustic characteristics of the area in which it is located.

Direct conversion of sound pressure to sound intensity and vice versa. A noise source radiates power which is measured as the sound power level. It is a characteristic of the source alone and is independent of distance. It is used to rate and compare different noise sources. The sound pressure level of the source is the level of sound caused by the source but at a distance from it. The level of sound pressure is therefore distance dependent. The level of sound power is not distance dependent.

ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Just bought a battery powered drill from W. Hi Kristian, Sound power is the total power emitted by the source, usually integrated in all directions. It's expressed in watts. Sound power doesn't change with distance ignoring absorption. Sound pressure is the usually RMS pressure at a point in space.

Sound power or acoustic power is the rate at which sound energy is emitted, reflected, transmitted or received, per unit time. For a sound source, unlike sound pressure , sound power is neither room-dependent nor distance-dependent. Sound pressure is a property of the field at a point in space, while sound power is a property of a sound source, equal to the total power emitted by that source in all directions. Sound power passing through an area is sometimes called sound flux or acoustic flux through that area. Regulations often specify a method for measurement [3] that integrates sound pressure over a surface enclosing the source. L WA specifies the power delivered to that surface in decibels relative to one picowatt.

Sound Power and Sound Pressure

Both share the same unit of measure, the decibel dB , and the term "sound level" is commonly substituted for each. However, to understand how to measure and specify sound, the Motor system designer must first understand the difference between these properties. To obtain the maximum benefit from sound power level L w ratings, an engineer must understand what L w ratings represent and how to apply them properly.


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