M and j barber shop

M & J Barbershop

m and j barber shop

HairCut Harry Experiences a Hair Cut at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop in Los Angeles

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Barbering is an ancient profession with early records indicating the barber's role as a community leader. Elevated almost to the role of priests or medicine men, barbers typically offered bloodletting, tooth extraction, cauterization, and tonsorial surgery in addition to grooming. The role of the Black barbershop is well documented in the history of the Civil Rights movement as a gathering place in which to plan strategy and promote unity. This article, however, focuses on a lesser-known story: how epidemiologists and public health officials have utilized the barbershop setting in recent decades to educate Black men on disease prevention. In the antebellum South, barbering i. In the free Northern states, owning a barbershop was one of the few businesses open to Black entrepreneurs because cutting hair was perceived as too menial an occupation for Whites. However, these Black-owned barbershops only served White patrons.

We pride ourselves in our reputation offering the highest quality hair cuts, hot shaves, beard trims, tattoos and service! When you enter our shop it soon becomes very obvious that the team here are very passionate about their jobs, this is not a place of work but an environment where you can enjoy your time. We take great pride in our trades and providing a great service we can be proud to talk about. We offer a range of services and products to meet the needs of our customers and will always strive to better them. Been getting my hair cut here for a while now, very good, absolutely recommend. Really amazing hair cut for my 10 year old Alfie.

The authors report the outcomes of a community-based, barber health adviser pilot intervention that aims to develop customized educational materials to promote knowledge and awareness of prostate cancer CaP and informed decision making about prostate cancer screening PCS among a predominantly African American clientele. Based on the pilot results, the barber-administered intervention was an appropriate and viable communication channel for promoting CaP knowledge and awareness in a priority population, African American men. Prostate cancer CaP remains the second most prevalent cancer in men in the United States, with an estimated , new cases and 27, deaths occurring in American Cancer Society, Although the incidence and mortality rates for CaP continue to decline for all U. Current recommendations encourage men to discuss with their health care providers the risks, benefits, side effects, and questions surrounding PCS and the potential consequences of the decision, commonly referred to as the informed decision-making process Briss et al. Preventive Services Task Force, ,

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  1. reviews of M&J Barber shop "Esteban can cut hair real well. I come in twice a month and get styled up. He is a good guy and we share a birthday. Always.

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