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university of miami college of arts and sciences

The College is committed to the values of interdisciplinary liberal arts education by offering the benefits of a large research institution and the personal attention.

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Miller School of Medicine in Miami 's Health District, a law school on the main campus, and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science focused on the study of oceanography and atmospheric sciences on Virginia Key , with research facilities at the Richmond Facility in southern Miami-Dade County. A group of citizens chartered the University of Miami in with the intent to offer "unique opportunities to develop inter-American studies, to further creative work in the arts and letters, and to conduct teaching and research programs in tropical studies". They were overly optimistic about future financial support for UM because the South Florida land boom was at its peak. The university began in earnest in when George E. Merrick , the founder of Coral Gables, gave acres 0. The first building on campus, now known as the Merrick Building, was left half built for over two decades due to economic difficulties.

Tour the school and learn about our programs. And ask questions. Lots of questions. There's no better way to really get a feeling for what we're all about. September 21, AM.

Offering the benefits of a large research institution and the personal attention of.
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The University of Miami, which was founded in , is a private research university located south of the city of Miami in Florida, US. Miami has 12 colleges and schools on different campuses, including the Miami School of Law on the acre main campus, the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine which trains at least 1, students in health-related programmes , and a school focused on the study of oceanography and atmospheric sciences. The main campus is in Coral Gables, south of Miami, and includes a theatre, arboretum and architecture centre. First founded by citizens during the Jim Crow era as a white, coeducational institution, it became the first major college in the South with a black football player on scholarship in Some 16, students enrolled in , at about a 40 per cent acceptance rate. Former president Donna E.

The College offers 63 majors, 58 minors, and 10 co-majors. To demonstrate the scope and inter-related nature of these different fields of study, we have organized them into themed groups below. Many majors and minors fit more than one theme and can lead to multiple career opportunities. Students who choose these majors are usually interested in careers in medicine and health, environmental science and sustainability, biological research andanalysis, and science education. Miami's interdisciplinary programs will provide you with opportunities for cultural experiences and immersion within and beyond our borders as well as opportunities to gain the cultural understanding and analytic skills necessary to succeed in a modern, global environment. These majors are within the humanities and involve the study of human ideas and reasoning that underlie different world views.

March in University of Miami - Florida. I know I would fit in okay in pretty well in the north east, but I am not so sure about Miami. I'm more of a laid back person and I'm afraid I won't find many people like me in U Miami due to its reputation of being a party school. I really have pros and cons for both schools: BU's grade deflation, Northeastern's lack of parties, and U Miami's wild reputation, etc. If you could help me by giving me a little insight into the schools I would greatly appreciate it!! March There are plenty of students at Miami who are not fanatical party people.

The College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science is the centerpiece of liberal arts education at Miami University and the largest academic division on campus. As such, the College encompasses a rich diversity of disciplinary opportunities and experiences across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, languages, mathematics, and interdisciplinary programs. - The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami is a community of scholars and students that encourages the quest for a deeper understanding of the human experience and fosters a personal commitment to lifelong learning, intellectual growth, and the enduring values of the liberal arts. The College is dedicated to helping students develop analytical and communication skills, creative abilities, and a sense of civic responsibility needed in an increasingly complex society.




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