How to clean and season a cast iron griddle

How to Care for Your Cast Iron Cookware

how to clean and season a cast iron griddle

Rusty Cast Iron Griddle? Make it Better Than Brand New

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Seasoning cast iron doesn't have to be intimidating. Here are the steps for both cleaning and seasoning cast iron skillets. If you want, you can forget seasoning cast iron yourself altogether and go with Lodge Cast Iron available at hardware and cookware stores as well as retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Amazon , a line of preseasoned skillets from Lodge Manufacturing, the oldest U. Give grilling your salad a try. A cast-iron skillet isn't ideal for a set-aside-to-soak sort of person.

This post covers cleaning and restoring cast iron with step by step photos. I cringe a little every time I see bad rust on a cast iron pan. When I was first married I had a cast iron pan and my husband, after cooking breakfast for me, left the pan soaking in the sink. Yes, you read that right, he left it soaking. Here are three old cast iron skillets I found at a yard sale that need to be stripped and re-seasoned. There are two modern Wagners and one Lodge.

Cleaning and Seasoning a Cast-Iron Skillet

Easy Trick To Clean Cast Iron

If you love to cook, but aren't as interested in doing the dishes, meet your new best friend: the cast iron skillet.
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Cast iron is easy! Here are some tips to keep your food delicious and your cast iron happy. Head here for dozens of recipes you can cook in your cast iron! Occasionally, you may notice some dark residue on your paper towel or cloth when cleaning. It will disappear with regular use and care.

All well-maintained cast-iron skillets will become more nonstick with time. While you might think this will take years, we found a significant difference in our pans after just a few weeks of regular use in the test kitchen. Properly maintaining the seasoning on your skillet begins with properly cleaning it. Here are a few guidelines for keeping your pan in optimal shape. These guidelines are for traditional cast-iron skillets; enameled skillets can be treated more like other pots and pans. This layer becomes trapped within the pitted surface of the pan and bonds to the metal itself, creating the slick coating known as seasoning.


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  2. Of all the prized possessions in my kitchen, one of my favorites was also probably the cheapest.

  3. To give cast iron implements a protective coating, you should season them prior to use. Improper cleaning can ruin this coating. Keep a few.

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