Big name in ketchup packets and the like


big name in ketchup packets and the like

Big name in ketchup packets and the like -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at

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That includes its famous ketchup packets, which as any frequent fast-food customer can attest, are frequently wasted or thrown out. Ketchup packets are constructed from multi-layer laminates which use both plastic and metallic foil. These can't easily be recycled, as the layers are difficult to separate, Caroline Krajewski, Kraft Heinz's head of corporate affairs, told Business Insider. That's not to mention the pesky bits of ketchup left over in the packets, which contributes to the millions of pounds of food waste thrown out by Americans every year. On top of that, much of the plastic recycled in the US ends up sitting in landfill sites partly a casualty of President Donald Trump's trade stand-off with China, which buys much of the US's recycled plastic. While Krajewski was light on specifics about what a new replacement ketchup packet could look like, she said the company is giving itself a seven-year runway to figure out the best solution for the company and the environment. That could mean completely redesigning the packets with new materials.

Send me Boy Crazy! I had basically opened the place that morning. Very quickly I realized, my thinking was muddled and my decisions were slow and disjointed. I quickly pulled my hand back and found ketchup all over it. My first assumption was that a ketchup packet had exploded or gotten squished in there or something. After I used about a half-dozen napkins cleaning the ketchup from my fingers, I removed all of the contents of that purse pocket, being very careful not to disturb the ketchup.

According to the research of the Heinz Ketchup Road Trip , 63 percent of people are 'dippers' and 37 percent are 'squeezers'. The redesigned individual ketchup packets combine both functions into one convenient container. The new packet is a flat tray similar to individual jelly packets but with the silhouette of a squat ketchup bottle. The 'mouth' end tears off easily for squeezing and the bottom peels back for convenient dipping. The new container holds three times as much ketchup as the typical tear-and-squeeze model.

According to a study in Scientific Reports via New Food Magazine , a technique that involves wicking chemically compatible vegetable oils into the surface of common extruded plastics like the small packets of ketchup and mayonnaise offered at fast food restaurants allows food to be released more easily. Researchers from Virginia Tech who developed the patent-pending process say the technique will cut down on the million pounds of food thrown away each year. If food slides from the packaging more easily, packets could be smaller, reducing the plastic footprint, according to an article from Inverse.
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There are a lot of questions surrounding ketchup. After all, it's one of America's favorite condiments. For one, there's a big debate over how it should be spelled: ketchup or catsup? What exactly are the 57 varieties referenced by Heinz? And is there a trick for getting ketchup out of a stubborn glass bottle? The inquiries are endless.

If you're dining in Manhattan, it's going to cost you. Many McDonald's franchises in the borough are charging customers extra to drench their Big Macs in the condiment. They have to pay an additional quarter per handful of extra packets. Vazquez came up with the fee, she said, after seeing too many unopened packets end up in the trash. Owners are allowed to dole out condiments however they like in dispensers located in front of or behind service counters, or in individual packets and they can assess fees for extra ketchup and other condiments and services as needed, the spokeswoman said. While most McDonald's restaurants force customers to pay for extra containers of barbecue and honey mustard sauce, the spokeswoman said she had never heard of a McDonald's franchise charging for extra ketchup.

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