National science foundation science and engineering indicators 2018

Science & Engineering Indicators 2018

national science foundation science and engineering indicators 2018

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A review of past NSF BP efforts provides insights into how the portfolio of programs and activities has evolved and the broad array of innovative strategies that has been used to increase the participation of groups underrepresented in STEM, including women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. The National Science Foundation NSF has a long history of investing in efforts to broaden the participation of groups underrepresented in the science and engineering enterprise. The CRS report also noted that, because gaps in STEM achievement can be associated with socioeconomic status and geographic location, these issues should also be included under the umbrella of potential initiatives for broadening participation BP. Few would challenge the necessity for increased diversity as a means of strengthening STEM research and enlarging the future workforce or the ability of BP to contribute to the overall global competitiveness of the United States National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine, ; Ferrini-Mundy, ; Campaign for Science and Engineering, ; Valantine and Collins, While the news is better for women, who earned The committee envisioned large-scale centers that would focus on transforming STEM education and show both immediate and long-term impact on efforts to broaden participation nationally.

The NSB also serves as an independent policy advisory body to the President and Congress on science and engineering research and education issues. The Board has a statutory obligation to " All Board members are presidential appointees. The National Science Board was created through the National Science Foundation Act of "There is established in the executive branch of the Government an independent agency to be known as the National Science Foundation hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation". The Board was established by the Congress to serve as a national science policy body, and to oversee and guide the activities of NSF.

For now, the U. The U. The report again shows the U. That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security. From gene editing to artificial intelligence, scientific advancements come with inherent risks. NSC has created a web presentation that makes it easy to roam through the report.

Report shows United States leads in science and technology as China rapidly advances

However, the U. The report shows the U.



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