The proposal stephen and sophia

Stephen and Sophia from The Proposal: Are they still together?

the proposal stephen and sophia

A lot of year-olds this past spring were finishing up their college degrees and applying for full-time jobs. But now, Sophia Schoenau from 'The Proposal' isn't engaged to Stephen Lukinovich anymore. In an exclusive interview, Schoenau told Elite Daily what it's really like.

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After the mystery man or woman makes their final pick, the proposal is open to personal interpretation. It can be a trip, a promise to keep dating and see where things go, or, you know, the whole get-down-on-one-knee-and-spend-our-lives-together sort of thing. You thought The Bachelor' s two-month-long filming schedule wasn't long enough for someone to decide if they wanted to get married? Weirder than the show's sort of-kind of-totally outlandish and outdated premise? It's actually worked for some of the couples.

The Proposal has been making headlines for weeks and aside from getting engaged within an hour of meeting, some of the couples have ended up with an amazing love story to talk about. While the two previous couples from The Proposal Mike and Monica and Ashley and Jordan have remained together, that is not the case for Stephen and Sophia. Currently, Sophia is back in New York after graduating from college. She had nothing but nice things to say about Stephen. So happy that Sophia and Stephen are still friends. We loved having you on TheProposal!

Stephen and Sophia seemed to be a match from the beginning, as she caught his attention in the first round revealing that she was from New Orleans certainly appealed to the year-old bachelor. As a New Orleans native himself, he quickly chose Sophia as one of the women he wanted to learn more about. When it came time for the swimsuit portion of the competition, Sophia set herself apart with a guitar and song she's a musician, after all and continued to keep Stephen's attention moving into the next round. Later during the question round, they bonded over their home city, but then Sophia came clean that she's not from Louisiana but rather a student attending school there. So are they still happily together now? Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending

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A lot of year-olds this past spring were finishing up their college degrees and applying for full-time jobs. During the show's third episode airing on July 2, the recent grad was the last woman standing, getting engaged to a man she had just met. She says she didn't know details going in, and thought it'd be more like The Bachelor. If you haven't watched, The Proposal has one main person sit in a pod, concealed from the numerous contestants competing for an engagement. The lead asks the contestants personality questions and eliminates a handful after each round. The lead ultimately reveals themselves and has the chance to propose to the final contestant. The first two couples from the show are still together.

Is 'The Proposal' Couple Sophia & Stephen Still Together?








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