Jj cale and eric clapton

Eric Clapton: JJ Cale got me through my darkest days

jj cale and eric clapton

Sound Check JJ Cale and Eric Clapton (live in San Diego ) 2007


The Road to Escondido is a collaborative studio album by J. Cale and Eric Clapton. It was released on 7 November Contained on this album are the final recordings of keyboardist Billy Preston. The album is jointly dedicated to Preston and Brian Roylance. Among the performers was J.

The legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist, JJ Cale passed away on July 26, but the legacy he left behind is a treasured one for fans that has and no doubt will continue to inspire upcoming artists as well as rock icons around the world. On April 26, - ten years after the release of his final solo album - a posthumous album of unreleased JJ Cale songs was released. In compiling Stay Around , Christine and Mike pored over songs, both studio and home recordings, that the public had never heard. The result is an album mixed and produced by Cale himself, left nearly untouched. JJ Cale had every opportunity to be a much bigger worldwide star but he was notorious for declining the greatest of those opportunities.

Eric Clapton talks about how guitar maestro JJ Cale was his musical 'beacon', as he releases a tribute album called The Breeze: An.
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Eric Clapton has often stated that JJ Cale is one of the single most important figures in rock history, a sentiment echoed by many of his fellow musicians. He was known for being reclusive. He let his music speak for itself and by his own choice never became famous in the conventional terms of the word. Instead, he preferred to shun the spotlight for a more simple existence based on his musical creations. Ironically, doing just that, and focusing on music, turned him into a guitar legend. And I came up with my own kinda thing.

John Weldon " J. Though he avoided the limelight, [2] his influence as a musical artist has been widely acknowledged by figures such as Mark Knopfler , Neil Young and Eric Clapton , who described him as "one of the most important artists in the history of rock". As well as learning to play the guitar he began studying the principles of sound engineering while still living with his parents in Tulsa, where he built himself a recording studio. Cale recalled, "I didn't really want to carry a gun and do all that stuff so I joined the Air Force and what I did is I took technical training and that's kind of where I learned a little bit about electronics. Along with a number of other young Tulsa musicians, Cale moved to Los Angeles in the early s, where he found employment as a studio engineer. He distributed copies of this single to his Tulsa musician friends living in Los Angeles, many of whom were successfully finding work as session musicians. Although he managed to find a regular spot at the Whisky a Go Go which is where, according to his own testimony, Elmer Valentine suggested he call himself J.

By Martin Chilton , Culture Editor online. Eric Clapton has paid tribute to the musician he calls "a beacon", as he releases The Breeze, an album honouring the guitarist and singer-songwriter JJ Cale. In a new interview published today by AP, Clapton talked about how Cale helped him out of a troubled period in the Seventies, when his life was blighted by drug addiction and personal difficulties. Clapton, 69, said: "I went into that dark period in my life and was just absent, and about that time some of JJ's early stuff was coming out. I definitely was trying to shake off this guitar legend thing, which I thought was so plebeian.

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