Sex and the city series finale

My crazy "Sex and the City" finale theory

sex and the city series finale

Feb 22, I shouldn't have to defend Sex and the City as much as do. Certainly the HBO series is dated, overwhelmingly white, and features LGBTQ+.

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We couldn't help but wonder, is everyone else freaking out over the fact that it's been 15 years since Sex and the City aired its last new episode? We're talking, of course, about the two feature filmsone, a hit; the other, less soand, perhaps more importantly, the drama surrounding the reason why we'll never, ever get a third one. And while the real-life feuding amongst the women who played one of TV's most iconic friend quartets would have Carrie and Samantha shaking their heads, the fact that not everyone got along all the time is hardly the only revelation that's come to light since the show signed off after six satisfying seasons. But I think the show ultimately betrayed what it was about, which was that women don't ultimately find happiness from marriage. Not that they can't.

Ten years and two movies later, the show has ceded its cultural prominence, as a new generation fixes its eyes on an entirely different kind of aspirationalism. If, of course, they ever existed in the first place. But really, who knows how many people actually followed the show's siren call to Manhattan, only to face inevitable disappointment. You have to admire the strange moxie it took, for HBO to put together a half-hour sex comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and two other women in their 30s and one in her 40s , run by gay men. The casting is perfect, the writing is flirty and sharp, and Carrie still smokes. It's important that Carrie smokes. In an odd way, that chilly, nervous air works for the show in some places.

I was too young to be a first-run fan of Sex and the City. But my first college roommate had six prized possessions: each season of the show in glossy boxes containing a handful of DVDs each. It was , half a decade after the series had ended. Many things had changed our cellphones could get on the internet! Watching that show for the first time as a college freshman, I took it in on a surface level. I argued with my roommate about which characters best represented us I was a Miranda and she was a Charlotte, I was convinced. We completely missed the point.

In the sort of conversations that start up every time a big show goes off-air, about finales that satisfy and those that don't, a third sort gets left entirely aside. Maybe that's because it's such a slippery concept -- there are finales that don't satisfy but can be made to through a reading counter to the one the authors intend. In the case of "Breaking Bad," for instance, Walter White can come to be read as a figure of deep and abiding, if conditional, love. You can do it with less serious shows, too; it's how I've come to terms with the end of "Sex and the City," by reading it as a metafictional text. In a generally quite positive reappraisal of the series in the New Yorker this year, Emily Nussbaum wrote :. It honored the wishes of its heroine, and at least half of the audience, and it gave us a very memorable dress, too. But it also showed a failure of nerve, an inability of the writers to imagine, or to trust themselves to portray, any other kind of ending happy or not.

Sex and the City

The final season marks dramatic changes in the ladies' lives. While Carrie's book career is on the rise, she dates Jack Berger, a struggling writer, and Alexandr Petrovsky, a renowned Russian artist., Network: HBO Episodes: 94 half-hour , six seasons. The series was marked by its open discussions about sex, romance, fantasies and strong beliefs and opinions.


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  1. Feb 22, Sex and the City, Chris Noth, Sarah Jessica Parker girl Carrie Bradshaw in the series finale of the groundbreaking HBO comedy, there's been.

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