Andy griffith romeo and juliet

A Feud Is a Feud

andy griffith romeo and juliet


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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. A young couple wakes the Taylors late at night and wants to get married. Andy barely gets started when Hannah's father bursts in and stops the wedding at gunpoint, followed by Josh's father, who has the same intention. It seems that the Carters and Wakefields have been feuding for years and the patriarchs ain't about to let one o' theirs marry one o' them, so Andy backs down. In the morning Andy decides the best course of action is to end the feud before marrying the couple and visits both fathers.

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Carter Claude Johnson as Josh Wakefield. Andy hopes to finally bring peace to two of the county's longtime feuding families, the Carters and the Wakefields - by arranging a duel between the two patriarchs of the quarreling clans! When Andy nearly gets shot while attempting to marry a son and daughter of two feuding families, he decides the best way to help the youngsters is to find out what caused the feud in the first place and end it. After explaining to Opie and Aunt Bee the dangers inherent in getting caught between feuding families, with his famous version of Romeo and Juliet [1] , Andy sets off to end the long running feud. Despite his efforts, Andy is unable to discover the cause of the feud because the families don't know either.

Andy Griffith - Romeo & Juliet

HAMLET Andy Griffith version

Romeo And Juliet

The monologue is a description of a college football game, as seen by a naive country preacher who attends the game by accident and is entirely puzzled by it. At Griffith's request, Milton Alderfer who was only 19 at the time , recorded and produced the original master tape in Greensboro, North Carolina. Soon, after Colonial had sold nearly 50, copies of the record, Capitol Records took over distribution and ultimately sold nearly , copies. It also shot into the Top 10 in the Billboard record charts, peaking at 9 in February Griffith made an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in , in large part due to the popularity of the record.

The Wit and Wisdom Of Andy Griffith - Romeo And Juliet - a story of a boy and girl who were in love of one another.
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