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parks and recreation guest stars

Newt Gingrich had a run-in with Jerry, Larry, Terry, Garry Gergich in Parks and Recreation's fifth season. He played himself, meeting the.

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Since "Parks and Recreation" ended in , the workplace comedy has joined the halls of TV fame alongside other binge-worthy comedies such as "The Office," "30 Rock," and "Arrested Development. The show lasted seven seasons and centered on a group of co-workers at a small Parks and Recreation department and their unfailing dedication to a city filled with raccoon infestations, divisive citizens, and a giant pit. The show boasts a talented array of actors in its main cast and also played host by numerous celebrities that gave the small town of Pawnee a visit. We rounded up our favorite celebrity guest stars you may have forgotten about. While Leslie visits California to consider a job for the National Parks Service, Michelle Obama appears to wish her well and state how important it is to have passionate people in government positions. Leslie nods adamantly and replies, "I agree with you on all things throughout history until the end of times forever.

Paula Pell's role as the gun-toting, competitive drinking Tammy "Zero" Swanson gives us a pretty clear window into how the America-loving libertarian Ron came to be. Remember when Mike from Breaking Bad played the role Ben's dad, shouted at everyone, and faced off with Ron for the last bacon-wrapped prawn? Of course you do. Who would win that fight? Ron Swanson thinks he's got a friend in stoic Ron Dunn, but their friendship is short-lived as Ron Dunn reveals himself to be a hippie vegan. Who really expected Heidi Klum to show up in Parks and Rec as a flawless billion foot tall Danish mayor?

With a cast that big, does a show even need popular guest stars to give their show more substance? While the NBC show had a ton of guest stars throughout seven seasons, these are 10 of the more popular stars that we forgot appeared on our favorite show. In the 21st episode of the fifth season, Leslie Knope is really making her way around the political world. She's meeting more and more heavy hitters while also making a name for herself as well. The two met briefly and you could see the stars in Leslie's eyes. This was an important moment for the Pawnee native! Actor Justin Theroux has been in a handful of shows and movies.

Parks and Recreation is one of the most popular workplace comedies in TV history. Fans still quote the show and social media is full of memes and GIFs inspired by the show. The chemistry among the main characters helped ground all the craziness in some semblance of reality. As Donna's nice love interest Joe, Keegan Michael Key got to be the regular guy surrounded by oddballs, allowing him to be the straight man. In his first appearance, Donna describes him to Ron as her Tammy, so we have no idea what to expect.

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