Coconut oil and parkinson disease

"Coconut Clarity"

coconut oil and parkinson disease

Ask the MD: Can Coconut Oil Treat Parkinson's Disease?

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To date, there is no cure for the condition, but there are medications and therapies available to address some of the symptoms and improve quality of life for patients. Levodopa is a naturally occurring chemical which can enter the brain and be converted to dopamine when combined with carbidopa. The carbidopa also prevents the levodopa from converting into dopamine before it enters the brain. I was so worried anytime i think about it,i was spending alot on medication,and i was sacked from work,because i was always sick,infact my life was a mess.. I contacted them via email;perfecthealthherbalmedicine gmail com and told them my problems, then they said i will be totally cured within 35days,my heart was full on joy when they said that i will be totally cured within 35days ,i just had faith and believe,then i purchased the herbal medicine and sent them my details such as NAME,HOME ADDRESS,PHONE NUMBER ,Then perfecthealth sent me the herbal medicine to me through courier service and I used the herbal medicine for good 35days, then I went for check-up and my doctor confirmed thats am totally free from COPD and Parkinson,it work like a miracle to me ,please viewers out there this is real am so happy to share this testimony.

But some anecdotal evidence suggests that coconut oil might help with some of the symptoms. Since coconut oil contains high concentrations of medium-chain triglycerides, some think that it can improve brain function and help your nervous system. Other people say they experienced improved tremors and better muscle control. Some evidence suggests that coconut oil improves digestion for some people that use it. Coconut oil is antimicrobial and antifungal, and it can aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. This can help with digestion by improving nutrient absorption and promoting good gut bacteria. But there are some general guidelines for consuming coconut oil.

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Back in March , I started melting a teaspoon of pure coconut oil in to my hot tea, two or three times a day. I'd heard seemingly miraculous things about this unique natural oil. For me, the results and benefits were immediate and unambiguous.
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The goal of this study is to describe modifiable lifestyle variables associated with reduced rate of Parkinson's disease PD progression. In this cross-sectional analysis, regression analysis was performed on baseline data to identify the nutritional and pharmacological interventions associated with the rate of PD progression. All analyses were adjusted for age, gender, and years since diagnosis. These are the first data to provide evidence that targeted nutrition is associated with the rate of PD progression. Epidemiological studies have shown that consumption of green tea, coffee, and blueberries and dairy avoidance are associated with reduced likelihood of being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease PD [ 1 ó 4 ]. PD is a slowly progressing disease, so disease-modification trials require long follow-up periods. The heterogeneity of the disease requires enrollment of large populations, both of which increase the expense of clinical trials.

Coconut Oil and Parkinsonís: Can It Help Your Symptoms?

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  1. Apr 10, There isn't enough evidence to say whether coconut oil can slow the progress of Parkinson's, but anecdotal reports suggest it might help with.

  2. Essential oils are believed to have beneficial effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

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