Between a scarecrow pink hot rod and big screen

Fortnite - Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and Big Screen

between a scarecrow pink hot rod and big screen

Search Between A Scarecrow Pink Hotrod And A Big Screen - Fortnite Week 2 Challenge

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One of the Season 4 Battle Pass challenges for Week 2 requires players to search between a scarecrow, a pink hotrod, and big screen. Although these triangulation challenges are labeled as Hard, they are actually quite simple if you know exactly where to look, and this guide will help you do just that. While these types of challenges may seem obscure at first, Epic always gives just enough information in the challenge name itself to help players zero in on the hidden Battle Star location. Make your way to Risky Reels on the far northeast side of the map, north of the Wailing Woods. The pink hotrod is found on the north side of the drive-in, with the scarecrow to the east. The big screen refers to the busted movie screen at the drive-in itself. Search the dry patch of land atop the small hill beyond the east building of Risky Reels, along the southeast corner of grid section H2.

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It would appear that Tuesday will now be the big day for Fortnite fans each week, as weekly challenges are revealed throughout Season 4. The massive news of the Thanos gamemode has somewhat overshadowed this week's challenges but we're here to help you with the search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen task. For anyone who hasn't seen one of these challenges before it always involves spotting a specific place between the cryptic clues and collecting the icon that suddenly appears. This week's icon can be found just to the east of the new Risky Reels. The big screen in located in Reels, the pink hotrod to the north and the scarecrow is to east. For a better look, YouTuber OmniPro has a video up already of him completely the search. You can see where he flies in:.

Completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 4 rewards. Note you'll need to be a Battle Pass holder in order to undertake this challenge. If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.
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If you are looking for the location of the treasure between a scarecrow, pink hotrod, and big screen then we've got a map with the exact location for you! Risky Reels is a new location that has been added to the map during season 4. It is an area representing an old school drive-in movie. There's obviously a big screen here, to the north of the screen is a pink car, and to the east is a scarecrow. You will find the treasure location directly in the middle of these three spots. Check out the map below for the exact location! Your email address will not be published.

So far, it seems like the non-combat challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 are going to follow the same basic contours as those in Season 3. We'll get a treasure map one week -- last week's asked us to go to Tomato Town -- and a "Search Between" the next, asking us to triangulate three odd objects on the map. We've got our first of these this week, asking us to search between a scarecrow, a pink hotrod and a big screen. This one wouldn't be impossible to do on your own if you have some familiarity with the map, but if you'd rather make a beeline for the answer, keep reading. See the rest of the Week 2 Challenges, and find out how to complete them.


Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen Location




Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod & Big Screen - Fortnite BR


Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen - Fortnite Challenge Guide

Fortnite - Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen location explained




May 8, Week two of the fourth season of Fortnite Battle Royale is upon us and with it, a new set of challenges (alongside, uh, Thanos for some reason.
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  1. Search between a scarecrow, pink hotrod and big screen is one of the week 2 challenges for the season 4 battlepass in Fortnite BR.

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