Brown sugar and honey scrub

Homemade All-over Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub

brown sugar and honey scrub

2. Brown Sugar And Honey Scrub. What You Need. 1 tablespoon brown sugar; 1 tablespoon raw honey; 1 tablespoon olive or coconut oil.

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Your daily skin care routine is incomplete without scrubbing. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is essential, but scrubbing gives new life to your skin. And nothing is better than including the super exfoliating antioxidant-rich brown sugar scrub in your skin care routine. And if brown sugar is not yet a part of your daily skin care routine, here are the reasons why it should be:. A study claims that brown sugar can eliminate harmful free radicals. The phenolic and volatile compounds give it its antioxidant properties 1. This compound can penetrate your skin and can break down the compound that binds the skin cells.

This brown sugar body scrub is the perfect way to treat yourself to a spa day at home. It exfoliates, moisturizes, and evens out skin tone, too! Do you ever have that one thing you just really hate to do as part of your beauty routine? For me that was always exfoliating. I way underestimated the power of exfoliation until I finally forced myself to try it regularly and saw such a difference in my skin! Until I started exfoliating.

Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, combined with sugar and coconut oil your skin will glow. Use it on your body from head to toes.
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The winter and cold air is wreaking havoc on my skin. Growing up, my face was always oily and I just purchased facial cleansers to prevent breakouts. After having kids, my skin has changed dramatically and gone from being oily to being combination skin. After researching various natural products online for taking care of your skin, I decided to try making a scrub on my won with natural ingredients that I was sure would not irritate my skin. This is the first time that I have tried this and I think it turned out great. I never have to worry because I know exactly where all of the ingredients come from and how it was made.

We had a great day with the kids and an evening out alone. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant then out for a little shopping. I found this brown sugar scrub recipe in the recent Sandra Lee magazine. It called for two cups of brown sugar but I increased mine by a quarter cup. Start with 2 and increase the amount of brown sugar based on your preference. In a bowl combine all ingredients until fully mixed; store in an airtight container. Tie the jar with bakers twine, add a wooden spoon, and you have the perfect sugar scrub gift!

Ahhhh, the basic brown sugar scrub. There really isn't a better natural exfoliant than brown sugar. Plus, it tastes delicious if it somehow makes its way into your mouth. These brown sugar scrubs recipes are created for the face and work for all skin types. They are simple, basic and very, very popular.

10 Simple Homemade Brown Sugar Scrubs For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Sugar can be used as a delightful sweetener as well as a gentle alternative to harsh, expensive, and chemical based scrubs., There's nothing quite like a homemade body scrub.

Olive Oil, Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub

There was a time when I bought all the fancy scrubs and cleansers from the department store. And paid a fortune for them. A few years ago I decided to give some of the homemade versions a try. In my personal experience, the homemade products have worked just as well, if not better for me. Honey RAW honey, mind you, not what is sold on most grocery store shelves is amazing. Most honey that you buy in the grocery store has been heated and pastureized, losing its many benefits.

I love pretty much all products from Lush, they smell ridiculously delicious and are made with all-natural and vegetarian ingredients. Fortunately, scrubs are super easy to make at home as there are lots of natural ingredients that can do the job just as well as the Lush or drugstore products. I've come across quite a number of different versions of homemade scrubs but this one, made with brown sugar, honey and walnut oil, is my favourite. It's super moisturising, plus it smells amazing. Brown sugar is a great gentle exfoliant and honey is anti-bacterial and helps the skin retain moisture. You can use many different oils as a base; I use walnut oil, because it's very emollient and, like honey, it has anti-oxidant properties and can help to heal wounds faster. This mixture lasts quite a while but be warned: since you aren't using any preservatives the ingredients might separate a bit, just mix them up again before using the scrub.


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  1. I used to use a scrub that I paid around $30 a tube for, and I really liked it(the scrub, not the $). This brown sugar honey scrub works every bit as.

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