Consumer identity and access management is a digital relationship imperative

GDPR and the Customer Identity Imperative

consumer identity and access management is a digital relationship imperative

Digital business is expanding the need for customer-facing identity and access management. CIAM capabilities including Consumer Identity and Access Management Is a Digital Relationship Imperative. Published:

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Specifically, it poses new challenges for businesses in how they balance regulatory requirements with meeting consumer demands and expectations in the Digital Age. Ideally, in , they will adopt processes and technologies that support both the updated data protection framework and their business need for positive online interactions with customers. But it does strengthen and significantly increase regulatory requirements, giving consumers more rights than ever. In other words:. In the Digital Age, personalization and trust are the name of the game and quite frankly, the best way to gain and keep customers and nose out the competition. Winning the hearts and minds of customers begins with closer online relationships characterized by three core elements: convenience, trust and personalization. This means that interactions must be easily navigable; the customer must believe that the organization provides a quality product or service and is transparent in how his or her data will be used; and the organization must take time to customize interactions with its customer.

By Lizzy Foo Kune Jul 5, Knowledge of the customer is a priority for marketing organizations. Investments focused on existing customers are rapidly outpacing spending on acquiring new customers. Faced with these retention and growth imperatives, CMOs and their teams are quickly adopting new technologies to help them collect, manage and use their first-party customer data to help inform their decisions. CDPs present an alluring alternative to marketers who are frustrated with perceived, and actual, limitations in how their technology handles customer data management and analytics.

The online advertising ecosystem exists in a state of constant anxiety. Fraudulent activity Cyberattacks may be an ever-present threat that dominate the majority of the headlines In June , high street retail sales fell at the fastest rate in Technologies like artificial intelligence AI and machine learning are transforming marketing: marketers can

It enables organizations to scale and ensure secure, seamless digital experiences for their customers while collecting and managing customer identity data purposefully. Powerful CIAM solutions provide a variety of key features including customer registration, social logins, account verification, self-service account management, consent and preference management, single sign-on SSO , multi-factor authentication MFA and adaptive authentication as well as other nice-to-have features. Transforming the customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation and digital technologies are changing the game of customer interactions with new rules and possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years back. Most enterprises have a large number of customers who access mobile, IoT and other channels in addition to mere web apps, which may or may not reside inside the firewall. As consumers increasingly conduct high-value, sensitive transactions digitally, it is imperative for organizations to protect their businesses from threats to consumer-facing channels especially in the context of financial services, pharmaceutical, and other highly regulated industries.

What does an excellent digital experience look like in the B2B space? Apple provides seamless access to content across devices. Google simplifies search across web, email, and documents. Netflix recommends relevant content. These experiences condition business users to expect that same level of digital excellence when interacting with vendors. This means B2B brands must improve the customer experience they offer business partners if they want to be successful. How can your brand address B2B digital challenges to offer the best possible digital experience to business users?

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Marketing's New Imperative: Customer Identity Management

This means organisations have to enable information to be tied to identities that are recognised by computers, mobile devices and even wearables and other internet of things IoT devices. To be able to deliver this, Tolbert said organisations need to be able to utilise all the information as well as control access to that information and how it is used. For customers, Ciam enables not only a consistent experience, but also a choice of authentication methods by accepting third-party identities such as government or social media identities to log in. For the business, Ciam enables the use of analytics to identify consumer preferences for tailoring marketing campaigns, loyalty programmes and tailoring user experiences. As organisations move from traditional identity and access management IAM to Ciam, Tolbert said consumers become more active by providing selected identity information themselves.

Consumer Ideny And Access Management Is A Digital Relationship Imperative

Analyst s : Lori Robinson , Mary Ruddy. Digital business is expanding the need for customer-facing identity and access management. CIAM capabilities including user registration, social login and user profile management can enable you to provide a secure, unified and business-enhancing customer experience across multiple channels. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc.





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