Its gonna be may song

Justin Timberlake and the Boys of *NSYNC Get In on the 'It's Gonna Be May' Viral Meme Game

its gonna be may song

"It's Gonna Be Me" is a song by American boy band NSYNC. It was released in June 12, , This oddity has led to an internet craze in which memes of Timberlake's face above the inscription "It's Gonna Be May!" are shared on the internet.

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It's gonna be a long day of unfollowing anyone who tweets a picture of Justin Timberlake with the caption "It's gonna be May. Skip navigation! Story from Music. It's the end of April, which generally means that following the showers, May flowers and bright spring days are on the horizon. If not, you're welcome. While every song fits perfectly on a Throwback Thursday tbt or best boy bands playlist, one of them stands out as the ultimate spring indicator. Although some believe Timberlake's diction is a little off — the "me" in the song sounds a little like "may" — maybe they just want to relish in the past.

It's April 30, which means one thing in the eyes of *NSYNC fans: It's Gonna Be May. While the song "It's Gonna Be Me" has been around since.
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CNN Today is April That means tomorrow, "It's Gonna Be May. Happy it's gonna be May Day!!! Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

We know it brings flowers and all, but it also brings another beautiful sight. Guess What? Horowitz HowardaHorowitz May 1, Happy May! All these clips have you singing along? Jonna Miller is a Tribune-Review features editor.

A Critical History of That ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Meme

The boys have even partnered with Maytag for a hilarious sponsorship inspired by the meme, which is only growing in popularity each year. More specifically, it's all about how dramatically Justin Timberlake over-pronounced the word "me" when he pronounced it., It was released in June 12, , as the second single in the United States and third in Europe from their second studio album No Strings Attached. The lyrics are addressed to a woman who apparently had bad experiences in previous relationships.

It's Gonna Be MAY: The Justin Timberlake Meme That Won't Quit

Ultimate celebrity Timberlake has spent most of his life in the public eye, maturing from a cute Mickey Mouse Club kid to a curly-haired teen heartthrob boy bander to the dapper family man he is today. Obama posted a picture of himself and Timberlake on Facebook on April 30 with the fateful caption; it racked up nearly half a million likes. Even Timberlake himself has been able to poke fun at the phenomenon, tweeting about the meme year after year. For better or worse, that decision has meant that every year, the song gets a bolt of fresh life just as the spring flowers are beginning to come into bloom. Quite right.

Since , various image macros and animated GIFs of the band's former lead vocalist Justin Timberlake mouthing the lyric with the misheard caption have been circulating on the web , particularly during the last week of April and days leading up to May every year. As of April , the video has gained over On January 29th, , Tumblr user amyricha [5] posted a picture of 'N Sync band member Justin Timberlake with the caption "It's gonna be May," which pokes fun at the fact when Timberlake sings "Me," in the song it sounds like "May. On March 16th, , BuzzFeed [3] posted a picture of a calendar turned to April with a picture Timberlake with the caption "It's gonna be May," taped to the final day. The picture was taken from the since-deleted Tumblr blog Seapeas. The video was titled "It's Gonna Be May.

Even *NSYNC is trolling Justin Timberlake with 'It's Gonna Be May' memes




On April 26th, , YouTubers PassionateFriendTime uploaded a video titled " It's Gonna Be May," which parodies the 'N Sync song and focuses on the coming .
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