Three mile island nuclear plant

Three Mile Island - America's Chernobyl

three mile island nuclear plant

According to the IAEA, the Three Mile Island turning point in the global development of nuclear power.

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As per the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC report, the accident resulted in no deaths or injuries to plant workers or members of nearby communities. Three Mile Island is so named because it is located three miles downriver from Middletown, Pennsylvania. During GPU Inc. The U. Cities within 50 miles include Harrisburg 12 miles to city center , York 13 miles to city center , and Lancaster 24 miles to city center. Exelon has been operating Unit 1 at Three Mile Island at a loss since

It was the most significant accident in U. The accident began with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system, followed by a stuck-open pilot-operated relief valve in the primary system, which allowed large amounts of nuclear reactor coolant to escape. The mechanical failures were compounded by the initial failure of plant operators to recognize the situation as a loss-of-coolant accident due to inadequate training and human factors , such as human-computer interaction design oversights relating to ambiguous control room indicators in the power plant's user interface. In particular, a hidden indicator light led to an operator manually overriding the automatic emergency cooling system of the reactor because the operator mistakenly believed that there was too much coolant water present in the reactor and causing the steam pressure release. The accident crystallized anti-nuclear safety concerns among activists and the general public, and resulted in new regulations for the nuclear industry. It has been cited as a contributor to the decline of a new reactor construction program, a slowdown that was already underway in the s.

As of the census , the population was , According to the U. It has a humid continental climate Dfa except for some Dfb in highlands and the hardiness zone ranges from 6a to 7a. The area code is with an overlay of As of the census , the county was As of the census [11] of , there were , people, , households, and 66, families residing in the county. The racial makeup of the county was

The Three Mile Island accident was a meltdown at a nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania. It occurred on March 28, Officially, it caused no deaths. But unofficial investigations and lawsuits claimed there were above-average rates of cancer and birth defects in the surrounding area. The accident halted the development of the U. During that time, no new nuclear power plants were approved. Several that were under construction at the time of the accident were completed.

Farewell to Three Mile Island: A timeline of the plantís history

How Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident Shaped My Life

Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station

This article lists notable civilian accidents involving fissile nuclear material or nuclear reactors. Military accidents are listed at List of military nuclear accidents. Civil radiation accidents not involving fissile material are listed at List of civilian radiation accidents. For a general discussion of both civilian and military accidents, see Nuclear and radiation accidents. Contamination was confined to the reactor core. The core was repaired and restarted in , operating until the plant's shutdown in

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In March , the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant experienced a "loss-of-coolant" accident and a partial core meltdown, the effects of which could have been catastrophic. The film concerned an accident at a Southern California nuclear power plant that could have caused a meltdown of the reactor core, which would have then melted through the reactor building floor until it hit groundwater. The resulting steam explosion would have spread radioactivity throughout the region and killed an untold number of people. The movie was met with a backlash from the nuclear power industry who claimed it was "sheer fiction" and a "character assassination of an entire industry. In the film, a nuclear engineer named Dr. Lowell reviews a secret tape made of the accident: Dr.

Forty years after the worst commercial nuclear power plant accident in United States history unfolded on Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, the only nuclear power reactor still operating there is preparing to shut down. The facility, which is near Middletown, Pa. The company and its employees had been hoping for a subsidy from the state, and when that fell through, a shutdown was the only option, that statement said.
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