Petitions whitehouse gov petition temporary protected status tps venezuela 0


petitions whitehouse gov petition temporary protected status tps venezuela 0

Adriana Kostencki presidente de Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce / TPS peticion para venezola

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The ongoing Venezuelan crisis has reached a breaking point after four million Venezuelans have fled their home country due to widespread violence, shortages of food and medicine, but many are concerned over the Trump administration's rule eliminating asylum for most migrants at the border with Mexico will shut them out, according to The Miami New Times. A new report from the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization said one in five Venezuelans are undernourished due to the crisis, which makes up for nearly all the recent growth in hunger in South America. Since , the rate of undernourishment in the country has increased nearly fourfold, from 6. The new regulation from the White House means that only Mexicans and migrants who cross a maritime border will qualify for applying to asylum. The rule is the latest in the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy as it seeks to curb the ongoing flow of migrants into the country, particularly families and unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. But the new rule will also apply to Cubans, Africans, and Venezuelans seeking to gain asylum at the U.

The new administration is making significant changes to immigration policy. Here are some of our resources for you to use with your clients. On Aug. Comments to the Notice of Public Rulemaking are due July 9, Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a memo on May 31, curtailing access to important asylum protections for many child asylum seekers. This differs from the previous policy that directed asylum officers to accept a prior unaccompanied child determination made by the federal government, provided that determination had not been rescinded before the application was filed. The ANPRM seeks public comments about the possibility of changing regulations to allow limited appearances by representatives in immigration court, and whether representatives should be able to help unrepresented immigrants prepare pro se motions and applications.

Among other things, the proclamation lists exceptions to these suspensions of entry for:. The separate announcement about the invalidity of U. Following still-unexplained attacks on U. The Department of State has also issued a travel warning advising U. The Department explained that at least 21 U. But all of the kind of regular visas or ordinary visas would not be issued through Havana. The travel warning notes that the attacks have occurred in U.

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Skip to main content. The following sections have information about employment authorization extensions that USCIS provides under certain conditions. For more information, see the Handbook for Employers M , Section 7. For more information, see the Handbook for Employers M , Section 4. F-1 students who timely file a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM Optional Practical Training OPT extension application will receive an automatic extension if their OPT period expires while their application is pending. Employees in the H-1B program may have their status and employment authorization extended if their employer timely files a Form I, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, to extend their employment, or if a new employer petitions to become their employer.

Solicitan firmar para estatus migratorio temporal de venezolanos en Estados Unidos

By: Kemil A. Saab, Articles Editor, J. Candidate, May , St.

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I am sending you this email because I need your help. Ongoing protests are being forcefully repressed, and the death-toll rises quickly. In short, human rights are being trampled by the Venezuelan Government and the rule of law both national and international is being willfully ignored. These issues are of grave concern to Venezuelans currently in the United States as they fear returning to Venezuela. This past Friday, right before p.



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