Justin bieber roman numeral tattoo

Justin Bieber's Tattoo Of Roman Numeral Is Shrouded In Mystery (PHOTO)

justin bieber roman numeral tattoo

Roman Numeral Tattoo

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber, 18, has gotten so creative, his songs can no longer contain it. Or so we think, since his body has become a canvas for more and more intricate art, with the Biebs debuting new tattoos every few weeks. The latest to join the teen heartthrob's body is a Roman numeral tattoo inked just beneath his right collar bone. Biebs posted a photo on his Instagram account he once explained this type of mass social sharing as a way of controlling the situation, " befo the paps get me ". Music producer Jamal Rashid, also known as Mally Mall, got the same artwork on the inside of his arm, reports E!

With all the excitement of Zero Dark Bieber yesterday—during which the LAPD raided Justin Bieber 's compound as part of their ongoing War on Eggs —we didn't have adequate time to discuss the recent tattoos the Biebs added to the temple that is his body. Three days ago, Justin instagrammed his newest tattoo—a compass on his upper arm—with the caption, "New tat. So many tats for such a little guy! This Portrait of Jesus: Justin Bieber's worst tattoo. Not because it's a giant shaded face of a regilious figure on the back of his calf that's most bad tattoos , but because, as far as pictures of J. Kinda looks like Jesus is soooo over it.

Justin Bieber grew up with the world watching him, and we saw every change, from voice and music style, to fashion and tattoos. Sporting over 50 visible tattoo designs, this edgy pop star has reinvented traditional designs and even created some of his own. He absorbed this personal philosophy from his pastor, Judah Smith. Photo: Pop Star Tats. Bieber had a lion tattoo inked on his chest, done by celebrity tattoo artist, Keith McCurdy. This unique bird typically symbolizes strength, power, and American patriotism as a tattoo design. Photo: Pinterest.

We won't hold your suspense any longer. These are, in order of appearance, the numbers 1, 9, 7, and 5, which we surmise is him spelling the year Any Belieber knows that is, in fact, the birth year of Bieber's hot mom Pattie Mallette! Mystery solved. We've always known him to be a mama's boy , and now anyone who happens to glance just south of his clavicle aka, like, everyone! In the past year alone, the Biebs has inked an obscure tattoo of a Native American chief on his back, an owl on his arm , praying hands on the back of his leg , and a straight-up Jesus on the front of his leg. The Atlanta rapper speaks to Popdust about his creative process on his new project, his influences, and his journey as an artist.

The year-old pop singer was photographed sporting some more fresh ink yesterday, his second tat this month alone! So what'd the Biebs get this time? Bieber shared an Instagram pic of Roman numerals inked across his shoulder. Music producer Jamal Rashid, aka Mally Mall, got the same artwork on the inside of his arm. Check out Bieber's last tattoo!

Here's what you need to know. Ever since he was 16, the 'Boyfriend' star has been adding more and more ink to his body, and it doesn't look like he's going to slow down anytime soon. Back in early Justin had his mum Pattie Mallette's birth year, , inked onto the left of his collarbone in honour of the lady who raised him. Naww, you mummy's boy, Biebs! In August Justin had a small crown symbol inked onto his chest, which fans believe was done in tribute to one of his musical idols - the late, great Michael Jackson. Justin has made no secret of his faith and religion, so it's not surprising a number of his inkings have faith-related messages. And none more so than the Christian cross in the middle of his torso, done back in early

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We won't hold your suspense any longer. From what we can tell, Justin inked "I, IX, VII and V" on his chest. These are, in order of appearance.
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