Dj october gonzalez leaves beat shazam

Jamie Foxx Gets ‘Set Up’ by NFL Star on ‘Beat Shazam’ (Exclusive Video)

dj october gonzalez leaves beat shazam

October Gonzalez Talks About "Beat Shazam"

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I was slightly obsessed with the show. I was also hella good at it. So good that my brother and I would sometimes reenact it, with him playing both host and opponent. One time, in the bonus round, he bet me an entire dollar to name that tune in four notes. So imagine my delight when some 30 years later, a new game show with the same premise is recreated in the form of "Beat Shazam.

Beat Shazam has made the most changes out of the two shows. Although the show is sticking to its song identification premise, here are the front game changes that have been made between seasons:. No changes are made to the million-dollar bonus round. However at the risk of slightly contradicting myself , I do wish they allowed the latter teammate to face the fourth category on their own for sake of continuity in the two-team portion of the show. This is not a knock against Gonzales, but Corinne has unsurprisingly better chemistry with Foxx and it shows in the livelier and delightfully goofier banters between them. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Three teams of two players each compete through five rounds four rounds in season 2 to identify a series of songs, banking money for each correct answer.
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Quick Review on Second Season Changes To “Beat Shazam” & “Love Connection”


FOX's latest hit summer game shows, Beat Shazam and Love Foxx, Jamie Foxx's daughter, replacing October Gonzales as the house DJ.
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  1. Instead of the old '70s show house band, "Beat Shazam" has a house DJ. In the first season it was October Gonzalez, who was actually great.

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  3. October Gonzalez was born as October Calinda Vegas-Russell. for Modern Family (), Play It Forward () and Beat Shazam (). Herself - DJ.

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