Because i am a queen

Because I Am A Queen lyrics

because i am a queen

Depend on how the wind blows i might even paint my toes. lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. "BECAUSE I AM A QUEEN" lyrics are provided for educational purposes only.


When I think about the Queen I think about a woman who is fierce yet nurturing. Someone who can hold her own but knows she doesn't have to. Someone who can take care of herself but chooses to allow others to take care of her as well. To be a Queen means to:. Receive without guilt. Own your voice without fear of judgement.

HER Majesty the Queen apparently has one song that she always dances to when it comes on and it is better than you could ever have imagined. AS much as some of us may not like to admit it, we are fascinated with the fabulous hat wearing and delightful Queen of England. What time does she wake up? What cereal does she eat in the morning? What is her favourite colour? There is one particular song that the Queen loves to dance to.

Six queens some historical, some fictional , three astrophysicists, and one socio-political activist named Gloria wink, wink are trapped together in deep space. No, this is not the elevator pitch for the latest CW sci-fi series. This is experimental theatre at its best. The University of Illinois Campus is known for its cutting-edge research and award-winning laboratories. But Because I Am Your Queen is here to remind us that laboratories also come in the form of art studios and performing arts spaces.

"Because I Am A Queen" Lyrics

Chorus: I am a queen And you will respect me I will not stay, while you say all those things of me Yes, I am a queen It's time that you finally see you will regret what you did to me I am a queen And you can't resist me Everything we had, boy you know youll be missing me Cause I am a queen It's time that you finally see you will regret what you did to me. Verse 1: First, let me clear up everything I'm only going to say this once So no, I didn't do the things that you all accused me of Before you start to talk to me and you start defending make sure those hands of yours are clean Cause you don't know who you are messing with, I am the one yes I am the queen Chorus Verse 2: Now, let me break this down for you I'm not done so please listen up I said I'm sorry for how I dealt with you and how I brought another close But now I am above you all cause I would never sink that low to go and hurt somebody's soul., I turn pain into power! I am a queen because I err.


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