San antonio pro football team

Commanders Win as New Era of Pro Football Debuts in San Antonio

san antonio pro football team

The San Antonio Commanders were a professional American football team based in San Antonio, Texas, and one of the charter members of the Alliance of.

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The team played its home games at the Alamodome. On April 2, , the league's football operations were reportedly suspended, [4] [5] and on April 4 the league allowed players to leave their contracts to sign with NFL teams. The final man roster was set on January 30, The Commanders, who drew an average of approximately 27, fans to each home game, were by far the best-attended team in the AAF. The team's assigned area, which designates player rights, includes the following: [16].

The San Antonio Commanders take to the field for the first time as the Alliance of American Football starts its inaugural season. Eight hours before Nick Rose scored the first three points in San Antonio Commanders history, flag-flying pickup trucks and SUVs lined up on Cherry Street on the east side of the Alamodome filled with hearty football fans ready to cheer for their new team. San Antonians have hungered for a professional football team for years, and thousands showed up to finally have their appetites satisfied with the debut of the first game in the inaugural season of the Alliance of American Football. They yelled, they booed, they high-fived and groaned at missed opportunities like they had been wearing red and silver and supporting the team for years. Fans celebrate as the Commanders approach the goal line in the first half.

The Toros, Gunslingers, Wings, Texans, Riders, Talons, and Force, have all come and gone, but there seems to be a different attitude when it comes to the Commanders and the AAF, in part because of how the team has engrained itself in the community. Plus, several NFL veterans — players, coaches, and executives — are supporting the brand-new AAF, with many even taking high-profile positions in the league. Alliance teams themselves are filled with NFL veterans, both players who aspire to make the big show and those who want a second chance to return. The Commanders themselves even tapped former Dallas Cowboys star Daryl Johnston as its general manager, a decision that immediately proved popular among local Cowboys fans. It demonstrates, he said, the amount of confidence and backing that current and former pros throughout football have in the fledgling league. Among those top-notch people is Commanders head coach Mike Riley.

Sports in San Antonio includes a number of professional major and minor league sports teams.
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Team officials estimated people attended the event. Those who arrived at the designated start time or after had to park a block or more away. But Canto had them all beat. But in order to get an NFL team, you have to support teams like this. The AAF will begin its inaugural game season Feb. Instead, it is drawing on people with plenty of NFL experience to develop a complementary league that schedules its competition to fill the void between the Feb. How well the Commanders will be supported in San Antonio remains to be seen.

Mike Riley still has a house in New Braunfels, a town about 30 miles northeast of San Antonio where in the summertime you can float on the lazy Comal River with a cooler full of beer right by Schlitterbahn water park. On nice evenings, he and his wife, Dee, would mosey on over to Gruene Hall, a local, historic concert venue, to catch a band. He bought the house nearly three decades ago, when he was the head coach of the San Antonio Riders from in what was the World League of American Football, another now-defunct pro football league. Since then, he's coached at five different stops in the college and NFL levels, including stints with the formerly San Diego Chargers, Oregon State, and most recently Nebraska. Our kids liked it and our grandkids like it. So when Riley got the call from AAF co-founder Bill Polian in May of to return to San Antonio to coach one of the alliance's new teams, the Commanders -- Polian worked with Riley as a personnel director for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL -- the longtime coach couldn't say no for a chance to return to a place he still considers home. Unlike Riley, pro football has left San Antonio.

San Antonio Commanders

San Antonio’s Startup Pro Football Team Shows Signs of Finding Eager Audience

San Antonio soccer fans collectively sighed when Austin's city council voted this summer to begin accommodating a potential relocation by the Columbus Crew franchise. But, if betting on whether San Antonio does end up with a Major League Soccer franchise in the next five or 10 years, I might actually put money on "yes. Or it could be yet another disappointment in a long string of disappointments that San Antonio has endured over the decades when it comes to landing — and keeping — professional and semi-pro franchises for the long haul. Five NBA championships probably should be six, maybe even seven, but let's not quibble ; a consistent winning tradition; Hall of Fame players and coaches; rabid and loyal fan base; and a business model revered by many other franchises — and not just in the NBA. But are the Spurs enough for a population of 1. Are they enough for a community okay, sports fans mainly that wants more sports teams?

San Antonio owns troubled pro football history






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