Www laprensa com ni nicaragua

Crackdown in Nicaragua

www laprensa com ni nicaragua

LA PRENSA constata abuso de policia a estudiante en colegio de Managua

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In , Nicaragua made a minimal advancement in efforts to eliminate child labor. The government found child labor infractions and removed children from worksites. It initiated prosecutions of cases of commercial sexual exploitation of children and sentenced two individuals for child pornography charges. However, children in Nicaragua engage in the worst forms of child labor, including in commercial sexual exploitation, sometimes as a result of human trafficking. Children also perform dangerous tasks in agriculture. National policies to eliminate child labor and protect children have not been fully implemented, and the government lacks a specific and consistent mechanism to coordinate efforts to address child labor.

Nicaragua : sandinismo The recent political struggle over gender-violence law in Nicaragua is a microcosm of these dynamics. In , the Nicaraguan government passed its most comprehensive law on gender-based violence to date Ley The implications of this alliance go well beyond the particulars of Ley Indeed, recent statistics show that the Latin American continent is one of the most dangerous for women: for example, of the 25 countries with the highest rates of femicide, 14 are in Latin America [Small Arms Survey, ]. In Nicaragua, it is estimated that one out of every two women has experienced some form of violence in her lifetime. Over the last ten years, however, more than a dozen Latin American countries have passed new legislation criminalizing femicidio or feminicidio 1 and expanding legal protections for women [ECLAC, ; Friedman, ].

Les protestes en Nicaragua de son una serie de manifestaciones que s'empecipiaron el 18 d'abril de poles reformes al sistema de seguro social. Les reformes fueron anunciaes el 16 d'abril de y publicaes oficialmente'l 18 d'abril. El 28 d'abril miles de llabradores ingresen a Managua pa participar nes movilizaciones convocaes pola Ilesia. Los cuatro condiciones que punxeron los obispos al gobiernu de Nicaragua fueron: [88]. La llista de participantes, conocida extraoficialmente, foi: []. Un muertu y 31 mancaos son les consecuencies de los choques. En Camoapa hai nuevos retenes.

Nicaragua is a democratic republic in Central America. It is the largest nation in the isthmus, but also the least densely populated with a demographic similar in size to its smaller neighbours. The country is bordered on the north by Honduras and on the south by Costa Rica. Its western coastline is on the Pacific Ocean, while the east side of the country is on the Caribbean Sea. The country's name is derived from Nicarao , the name of the Nahuatl -speaking tribe which inhabited the shores of Lago de Nicaragua before the Spanish conquest of the Americas , and the Spanish word Agua, meaning water, due to the presence of the large lakes Lago de Nicaragua and Lago de Managua in the region. At the time of the Spanish conquest, Nicaragua was the name given to the narrow strip of land between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean.

In April , Nicaraguans took to the streets in large numbers to protest the government of President Daniel Ortega. They were met with violence. A brutal crackdown by the National Police and heavily armed pro-government groups against protesters that lasted several months has left more than people killed and more than 2, injured. According to an independent group of experts, appointed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights IACHR with the support of the Nicaraguan government, police and armed pro-government groups committed widespread abuses against largely unarmed protesters, including extrajudicial executions, between April and July. Governments in the Americas and Europe should impose targeted sanctions against top Nicaraguan authorities implicated in egregious abuses and explore avenues to press for accountability, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.


The massive attack began at pm GMT on Friday and "after more than 24 hours of attempts the site www. According to the computer manager of La Prensa, Genaro Aguilar, it is "a massive attack that is known as DDOS" and consists of generating thousands of robots or fake users who try to enter the attacked page, to block the entry to legitimate users and collapse the site. That type of attack is carried out by "paid hackers" who generate thousands of "bots" and direct them in this case to the La Prensa server, the IT manager added.







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  1. El presidente de la Asamblea Nacional aseguro que el mejor gobierno en la historia de Nicaragua es el que dirige "el comandante Daniel".

  2. El Cuarto Monitoreo de las Actividades Economicas de Nicaragua no habia anunciado su paquetazo fiscal ni la reforma a la seguridad.

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