Pulling out a dry tampon

15 Ways You’re Using Tampons Wrong

pulling out a dry tampon


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Anyone who uses tampons has been taught to fear toxic shock syndrome TSS. We only really hear about TSS when a tragic story makes it into the news. Most recently, four separate cases of TSS were reported in West Michigan within one month, sparking an investigation into the tampon brands used and what could have caused so many cases in one area. If you use tampons, there are some things you need definitely should know before your next period. In the 80s, cases of TSS were the highest, with an incidence of about 10 for every , menstruating women. After removing a highly absorbent tampon brand from the market, the rates reportedly went down. Current estimates put the rate at one to 17 for every , menstruating women.

The best way to avoid the discomfort of taking a tampon out dry is to wear the right absorbency for your period flow. Same goes at the end of your period as your flow tapers off. It may be better to wear a liner if it is hurts to take out a dry tampon. I have personal experience with this one. In hindsight, I should have used a panty liner on those days because it was so minimal.

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You think you know all of the tampon rules, but you could be wrong. Here, the common mistakes people make while using them and what to do to keep your vagina free of infection and feeling good. Washing your hands before you get all up in there helps prevent contaminating your tampon on its way to your vagina, says Alyssa Dweck , M. You'll know because you'll feel it: A too-shallow tampon will be super uncomfortable — you may even feel the cotton edge at the entrance to the vagina, Dr. Dweck says.

It's normal to dread your period every month, but tampons can make your period much easier! Tampons allow you to swim, play sports, and go about your normal daily life. Since they go inside your vagina, tampons can seem tricky. However, removing your tampon gets easier with practice. To remove a tampon, sit on the toilet with your legs spread and try to relax as you pull the string at the end of the tampon.

Should taking out your first tampon hurt?




10 Facts About Toxic Shock Syndrome Every Tampon-Wearer Should Know





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