Killer frost assault on arkham

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killer frost assault on arkham

Suicide Squad - Assault on Arkham

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The film is set in the universe of the Batman: Arkham video game franchise, occurring after Arkham Origins ; [4] Jay Oliva states it takes place about two years before Arkham Asylum. In the film, a Suicide Squad of six criminals is dispatched by Amanda Waller to break into Arkham Asylum , where they must contend with the asylum's inmates and Batman as they attempt to complete their mission. In addition, Troy Baker , C. Batman rescues Riddler from a black ops assassination ordered by A. Their mission is to break into Arkham and recover a thumbdrive in the Riddler's cane. While in Waller's employ, Riddler copied information on the squad to make it public knowledge. She forces compliance by threatening to detonate nano-bombs implanted in their necks.

Louise Lincoln , better known as Killer Frost , was a metahuman criminal and a member of the Suicide Squad. She was embued with cryokinetic abilities, which allowed her to commit several crimes. Around the time Amanda Waller requested the use of the Suicide Squad again, Killer Frost was conducting a bank robbery, where she proceeded to freeze several people in the bank solid, including a woman with a dog. As she was about to escape, her getaway car proceeded to leave without her, apparently being spooked by the arrival of a significant amount of police vehicles. Left with no other options, Killer Frost attempted to fight them off, although she ended up subdued.

Each different individual in the DC Universe assuming the Killer Frost persona is usually as an adversary or acquaintance, ally, love interest of the superhero Firestorm. Various iterations Crystal Snow and Louise Lincoln have appeared in various animated projects and video games with most of them having the character voiced by Jennifer Hale.
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Killer Frost was initially seen robbing a Gotham City bank, freezing the occupants inside, and engaged the G. Frost eventually woke up in a secured room alongside the other Suicide Squad members with her hands bound together in a metallic mechanism. King Shark briefly attempted to eat her, but was quickly neutralized by her. After being briefed alongside the rest of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller , Frost was gassed and woke up locked to a metal chair that was soon after enclosed in a metal crate that was dropped into Gotham City via aircraft. During the fall, Frost's parachute malfunctioned, she crashed into King Shark, and the two of them landed on top of a parked vehicle that was crushed on impact. Soon after, Frost, along with the rest of the Suicide Squad entered the sewers via a manhole, and she sat atop King Shark's shoulder for the duration of the trek to the Iceberg Lounge. After gearing up there, Frost was contacted on a secure line by Waller and was given the secret task of assassinating the Riddler, unbeknownst to the rest of the team.

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