Subquery returned more than 1 value in sql server 2008

solution for error 512 , subquery return more than 1 value

subquery returned more than 1 value in sql server 2008

Try this: SELECT, thaipoliceplus.com_item_number,,, thaipoliceplus.comerId, s. SupplierName, thaipoliceplus.comipFees, as cost FROM.

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Last post Jul 10, AM by limno. But it seems it returns me all categories for all types instead of one category for one type. However if 1 animal has more than 1 type, the subquery will return more than one row. That's what the error is telling you. These are the tables that I use.

Hi to all , I have this trigger , when I want to delete a record from the table im getting the below error. Update Cards. Quantity set Cards. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This part of the query is the culprit. The subquery is returning more than one result due to which it is failing.

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Subquery returned more than 1 value. The error message is pretty self-explanatory once you remember what a subquery is. A subquery is a query within your main query, for example the query below reproduces the behaviour and gives the message The sub-query is the bit between the braces, the sub-query in itself is fine and valid, its because we are using an operator that expects comparison against a constant rather than a set. This might not be what you want, the above query has changed in behaviour because it can now return multiple mypk, so if you where expecting a look up on a single mypk then you are stuffed. We can get round that by using the TOP keyword, however, think about what you are doing - it may not be valid, what determines which mypk gets selected?

ERROR: Subquery returned more than 1 value

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