This time ivan b lyrics

Ivan B - Need you still

this time ivan b lyrics

Ivan B - I'm Sorry Lyrics

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Yeah I do this for me; you don't like it? That's fine Go listen to somebody else Playing these notes for me, that's a note to myself When you're breaking down is when you're finding yourself I know I've been distant with you Every family picture makes it look like we're close, but we aren't I know it seems like I don't care, but I take it to heart Grew up together, we drifted apart A lot of it's all on me Hang up the phone opportunity calling me Why can't I give an apology? Rich with love, but around me it feels like a Dollar Tree When was the last time I told you I loved you? When was the last time I said this would change? When was the last time I sat with you more than a minute with something to say?

Every second and session Is an incredible blessing Too many ladies undressing I got no time to be messing around. And Let my words beckon Every minute Every second From the past to the present Cause life is a living lesson I feel it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your opinion is very important. Thank you! Please Register or Login to remove the security check.

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