Best places in california to visit in december

Best Places for Christmas in Southern California

best places in california to visit in december

Answer 1 of Hi all, we will be traveling to California from Texas, what are the most famous and worthy places to see in California in December? This is not our .

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California beckons visitors with sunshine, stunning landscapes, and urban sophistication. A place of dreams, this alluring state has it all: a spectacular coastline, snow-capped mountains, expansive deserts, idyllic farmlands, and ancient redwood groves, along with vibrant multicultural cities. Tourists flock to San Francisco for sightseeing, shopping, museum hopping, and gourmet dining. Los Angeles dazzles visitors with quintessential Southern California scenery and Hollywood glamour. San Diego and Santa Barbara have perfect balmy weather and golden-sand beaches.

Over 9 million people have used this site to plan their California travel, find your adventure here. While I cannot speak for the epic celebrations in Northern California, here are my favorite ways to enjoy the holiday season in Southern California. I revisited a lot of these spots in and made a video, check it out at the end of this post. You can walk through the hotel and see their inside decorations or simply walk around the outside and up Main Street to enjoy pictures with Santa and all of the festive food treats you can eat. This is a great holiday tradition to create with your family as it is a free event that you can make as long or as short as you would like.

There are giant redwoods to see, deserts and rock formations, and fantastic beaches along the coast. Packed full of culture and good food, the best places to visit in California are fascinating to explore. The area is a magnet for travelers on road trips, who are attracted by the incredible jagged rocks, towering redwood trees and breathtaking beaches along the route. More than just beautiful scenery for driving through, the area also provides plenty of top hiking opportunities which wind their way through the several state parks encompassed by Big Sur. This charming island is located approximately 22 miles 35 km across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles. It is both a favorite day trip for visitors to L.

From May through September, nearly every coastal California town faces almost constant crowds. And although they stay fairly warm and pleasant all year, winter is definitely a slower time for tourism. But if you can get away during the months of December, January or February, you just might find that this is the best time to visit the coast. If sunny weather is important, we recommend sticking to Central or Southern California. Here are our suggested spots for warm winter getaways:. Huntington Beach winters are mild, with temperatures averaging about 63 degrees during January.

This trio of towns makes a wonderful loop when planning a road trip. Located about an hour and a half from Napa Valley, San Francisco is the city many travelers fly into when they are visiting Northern California. Before embarking on your road trip, take some time to explore this small but mighty city. The adorable creatures are plentiful in December when the herring spawn in the San Francisco Bay. After spending a little time in San Francisco and Carmel, we suggest settling down in Napa for several days to unwind from your journey and experience all that our famous Northern California Wine Country has to offer. The first order of business should be deciding where to stay, and we invite you to make Churchill Manor your home away from home!

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Top California places to visit in December - California Forum

Hi all, we will be traveling to California from Texas , what are the most famous and worthy places to see in California in December? I have 2 kids 1. Thanks in advance. Disneyland with the kids is the obvious thing and you can spend your whole time there. Fly to San Jose and go to the Monterey Peninsula. Fly to SF and drive north to the redwoods.

By Betsy Malloy. Winter kicks off with the Christmas-New Year holidays when all of the top tourist destinations will be full of people. If you're looking to enjoy those places without the crowds, you will find them much less crowded after the new year begins. If you're looking for California places that are especially nice to visit during winter December, January, and February , you'll find those listed below. Some of them are too hot to visit in the summer but pleasantly warm when you're feeling cold. Others are places to go to for winter snow play. Others put on some travel-worthy seasonal events or are good places to catch a meteor shower.

The Golden State is so much more than just a summer destination. As a California native and enthusiast, these are some of the best things to see and places to visit during the winter in California:. The stargazing is also incredible, but remember to bundle up because the temperature swing in the desert from day to night can be extreme, particularly in the winter. Be sure to check out the Badwater Basin as well, a unique geological feature at the lowest point in the USA. Both are world class ski resorts with incredible powder depending on the year. This year in particular has been incredibly good for snow!




Pin me! California is best known for sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but if you don't visit the mountains and the deserts in the winter.
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