The paradise of bachelors and the tartarus of maids

Paradise of Bachelors and Tartarus of Maids and Other Stories Background

the paradise of bachelors and the tartarus of maids

The Tartarus of Maids Exhorts the Evils of Child Labor

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After re-reading Moby-Dick , I decided to revisit this remarkable short story or diptych of sketches as well. An intricate juxtaposition of two extremesthe wealth and leisure of unmarried men paradise , the poverty and labor of unmarried women tartarus, or hell the story seems to be an attack on social inequality in its economic and sexual manifestations. In the first sketch, we are treated to an elaborate description of a cloistral neighborhood in the heart of the City of London near the Temple Bar and the Inns of Court mainly inhabited by lawyers and other gentlemen of elite profession literary men, scholars. The bachelors, the narrator explains in a tone of ironic exuberance, are the modern-day equivalent of the Knights Templar:. Like the years before the flood, the bold Knights-Templars are no more.

The next half of our current story is the near reversal of the first. This time, Melville drew on a January, trip to the Crane and Company paperworks in Dalton, western Massachusetts. Every single scrap of efficiency was cherished as both a marker of individual entrepreneurial ethics and the just rewards of industriousness. The real monster terrorizing modernizing America was the widespread desire to profit at all costs , even if it means sacrificing any recognizable elements of our humanity. In very early Greek mythology, Tartarus was one of the original three gods to spring into existence from Chaos.

For now, we focus on the bachelors, and our next number will cover the unfortunate maids. Six years earlier December, , Melville was in London enjoying the most lavish decadence available outside the royal palace. Unofficially , it was the great pleasure house for a new generation of aristocrats and social elites. The scene could have featured in any episode of A Game of Thrones. If the narrator is our main character, the lawyer-bachelors as a class are another decent option. Fancying themselves the modern representatives of the Knights Templar, they are aristocrats in name only.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. As a literary technique, this form of short story writing reached its apotheosis with the abundance of 19th century magazines publishing short fiction. The two stories have their genesis in real life events which took place during two separate occasions in which Melville was traveling. Two years later he visited a paper mill in Massachusetts in order to purchase paper for his writing. Although the editor found the experimental workpart autobiographical sketch and part exercise in symbolist fictionengaging, he feared that his deeply religious regional readership might possibly take offense to some of the ideas Melville was suggesting. Melville was in a profoundly experimental mood during the period in which he produced this work.

The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids


The Paradise of Bachelors



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  1. The Paradise of Bachelors is described in detail as a lush, decadent place with a glowing or warming feeling about the atmosphere.

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