La fonda de los camperos

Let loose a yelp with the celebrated mariachis of L.A.'s La Fonda de Los Camperos

la fonda de los camperos

reviews of La Fonda "I love this place, the music is great, great atmosphere and The mariachi Los Camperos were breathtaking to listen to & they are very .

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The dining history of Los Angeles is full of many bygone restaurants. Whether it's the hot fudge sundaes at C. Brown's or the caricatures at the Brown Derby, every Angeleno has a Los Angeles restaurant memory they wish they could bring back. Cano was inspired to open the restaurant after an incident at a tour stop in Lubbock, Texas in the mids. After a performance, Cano and Los Camperos attempted to get food at a local restaurant, only to be informed by the manager, "We don't serve Mexicans. As he once told the Los Angeles Times, Cano was shocked by such a blatantly racist act and vowed to one of his musicians, "I'm going to open a place where everybody can come: Americans, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italians.

The lobby at La Fonda restaurant Sunday was packed with people waiting for a chance to take their seats and hear the famed mariachi group Los Camperos de Nati Cano one more time. The music continued for 45 minutes with no one anxious to pull the plug. Those final moments presented Cano, the year-old owner who nurtured the eatery for half his life, with an embarrassment of riches. The closing of La Fonda marks the end of a cultural landmark in Los Angeles. It was home to Los Camperos, a nationally known group that toured and recorded with singer Linda Ronstadt. On Sunday, the signs of the pending move were evident.

It's been here a while. But, it's been renovated and just opens on the weekends at pm now. Plenty of seats. Parking in the rear. Very nice servers. Full bar A very interesting dinner and show restaurant on Wilshire.

Sixteen teenagers, eight boys and eight girls. Melanie Juarez is thirteen, she plays guitar and is one of the lead singers. Marco Villela is fourteen. Maldonado is passionate about mariachi music and was determined to give back to his community. He remembers a day, during that trip, when he was having breakfast with the legendary leader of Los Camperos, the late Nati Cano.

What's wrong with this menu? La Fonda de Los Camperos. Call Menu Info. View full website. Available Thursday —Saturday pm- pm.

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La Fonda on Wilshire, Los Angeles

On a trip to LA many years ago I had the good fortune of having dinner at this restaurant. Great memories of mexican quartet playing violins etc at the restaurant and walking around to all the tables. If it is still in operation could someone please let me know if it is worth going to now and how do I get there by public transport from Anaheim. Hitchkennedy,I am really not sure. The only address I have is Wilshire St.


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  1. The iconic La Fonda in Los Angeles is a Mexican restaurant that features performances by the world class mariachi groups and artists.

  2. In almost 40 years at the same Wilshire Boulevard location, La Fonda de Los Camperos has been buffeted by social forces that would have sunk other businesses.

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