Www themeasuredmom com free printables

Free number worksheets 1-10

www themeasuredmom com free printables

Use a memory game to practice CVC words

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Click on each image to get to the blog post, where you can download the activity for FREE. This page contains affiliate links. I love your website! Thank you for all the wonderful hands on activities, games, and readers! Thank you for all the hands on activities, games, and readers. My kids are loving them!

Look at all the free resources you can grab on my site! Short u phonics books Roll and read games for short u Four-in-a-row games for short u words Short u read and stick mats…. Grab these free short o worksheets for your learners! This post contains affiliate links. Have you seen our activities? Looking for a set of ay and ai worksheets to review these common spelling patterns?

With two preschool aged daughters at home, I am always on the lookout for the best educational printables. I even started my own blog, Totschooling , because I love to create activities to keep my little ones busy and learning. Here are some favorites!
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Have you ever shopped at Teachers Pay Teachers? One of its top sellers is the talented Elissa of Mrs. This post contains affiliate links. My goal was to get these printables created and the posts scheduled before baby 6 made its appearance. Looking for an activity to help your preschooler master those beginning letter sounds? My three-year-old loves this one!

Free “find the letter” alphabet worksheets!

Busy Bags for Phonics COLLAB

Free hands-on printable for words with blends

In a previous post I shared six reasons why rhyming matters. I created a set of 48 picture cards to use with my toddler and preschooler. We read a lot of rhyming books, and we also play some rhyming games in the car. It sounded something like this. Can you find the word that rhymes?

Finally, preschoolers need to learn with hands-on activities. And I hope you enjoy these. But I want to encourage you to use these as a supplement to more hands-on, active math activities. Not sure where to start? In fact, your child needs a pencil for just one small part of the worksheet of course, he can use a crayon or marker too!

Looking for alphabet worksheets? These pages will give your child some extra practice with letter recognition.
try not to sing along challenge

How do you feel about teaching writing? A little unqualified? Even better news is that you probably have hundreds of other writing teachers right in your home or classroom. Get your printable…. Have you been watching our free video series about teaching writing in K-2? Is it really possible to have an individualized approach…. Check out the other videos in our series.

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