Black unemployment rate under trump

Black Unemployment Is Rising Again, And Trumpism Could Be Playing a Role

black unemployment rate under trump

Trump on US economy: Unemployment at lowest rate in over half a century l State of the Union 2019


We look at who wins and who loses in a strong labor market. Scott Horsley , NPR chief economic correspondent. The country is plump with jobs. Out of every people who want to work, more than 96 of them have jobs. This is what economists consider full employment. And over that time, the job market has come back. It grew slowly at first, then steadily, finally reaching a point at which there are many more openings than job seekers.

One aspect of American life that President Trump never tires of taking credit for is economic growth specifically, job growth. Over the last several months, as the white unemployment rate has continued to trend lower, the black unemployment rate suddenly has turned higher. In January , he hared off after a critic, the rapper Jay-Z, on Twitter, boasting that he was creating an economic nirvana for African Americans. Monthly unemployment readings are notoriously volatile, but the divergence also can be seen in multi-month averages. The trend contradicts one enduring truism about black and white unemployment rates that although black unemployment is consistently higher than the statistic for whites, the gap narrows as unemployment falls. In months dating back to late , total unemployment has generally fallen but the black-white gap has widened.

"If the rise in black male unemployment is real, why is this A man raises a sign " Blacks For Trump" as President Donald Trump speaks at a.
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The black unemployment rate, often more than double the white rate even when the economy is supposedly humming, is one especially stark symbol of the deep racism that underpins the American economy. Take current conditions. The rate for whites is 3. Worse, that rate has been rising in opposition to the broader trend. What gives? Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, has a frighteningly plausible theory about what could be taking place. In a recent column for TruthOut, Baker wrote : "The idea that the labor market is deteriorating even as the overall unemployment rate hits year lows is very disturbing.

The fallacy of touting this as a genuine accomplishment of the Trump administration rather than fortuitous timing has been noted by me and others on multiple occasions. To begin with, it is true that the black unemployment rate was the lowest it has been since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began reporting it in But little, if any, credit for that belongs to the Trump administration. As the graph below clearly shows, the black unemployment rate had been steadily falling since , well before Trump was sworn into office, and the rate of decline has not gained momentum since. However, even at an annual rate of 6. In fact, the graph also shows that the last time the white unemployment rate was 6. The black unemployment rate has been about double the white unemployment rate for more than four decades, making this relationship more historically significant than any single unemployment rate.

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  1. Under Trump, the long-term trend toward lower black Obama-era initiatives on worker rights and pay, the black unemployment rate is rising.

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