God of war dead freight

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god of war dead freight

Nov 14, In God of War, Dead Freight is one of the Side Quests (Favors) you can undertake. You can first find this quest once the waters in the Lake of.


In this chapter, you will read about all favours available in God of War. Favors are side quest that usually require to find an item or defeat a specific opponent. Many of these missions are unlocked as you progress through the story mode and some tasks from Sindri and Brok require you to complete previous tasks in order to start the new ones. Commentary: You start this quest in the Forgotten Caverns it is possible that you can receive it from ghosts on other islands - we started it in the above-mentioned area. A ghost will ask you to free other ghosts.

Head to the West side of the map and dock your boat at the southern beach of the Forgotten Caverns, located here:. Make your way forward and a wayward spirit will appear and interrupt you. Speak to the spirit to accept the quest. Remember, once the quest has been accepted head into your Goals tab of your start menu and move over to the favours tab and track the favour to get the waypoint to show on your compass. Get off the boat on the dock and head straight ahead. Once on the top head to the Southmost side where there is a rope heading downward.

God of War Dead Freight Favour Walkthrough

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God of War is laden with side-quests and objectives. One of those that can be done relatively quickly, though not without difficulty, is Dead Freight. - Game Reviews - add yours.



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