Tammy wynette woman to woman

Another Lonely Song/Woman to Woman

tammy wynette woman to woman

Tammy Wynette "He Loves Me All The Way"

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Tammy Wynette 's name is a necessary inclusion to any discussion about country music's greatest women, and her resume and legacy certainly earned her a high spot on this list of country music's most powerful females. The mid-'60s and s were a time of transition for the country female. For so many decades females were caricatures, instead of personalities with a full range of emotions and freedoms. E" bashed through presumptions. Wynette would notch nearly two dozen No. Professional and personal paths often merged and separated again, most famously with her marriage and divorce from George Jones.

Remember Me. Log in. New client Register? This much beloved entertainer during a twenty-seven year recording career saw the release of 42 studio albums and charted 73 singles. Both albums were released in and each was headed up by a hit single. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Track List 1. Woman To Woman 2. Right Here In Your Arms 3. Please Come To Boston 6. For The Kids 8.

After a quiet acoustic piano intro stating a hushed melody that could pass for the commencement of a religious hymn as easily as it does for the secular revelation it immediately becomes, Wynette strolls into the song. She stopped the show dead; no s TV series this side of The Rockford Files could carry the kind of world-weary cynicism that Wynette was selling at this point. But Sherrill, who discovered Wynette and made her a star, crafted an extremely eccentric composition here. It consists of a verse, a bridge, a verse, a different bridge, and then a concluding section that finally gets around to sounding something like a chorus. Truly, this is one of the least-structured songs in the country canon, and therein lies a source of its great urgency. If Jim Thompson had ever decided to record a single with Patricia Highsmith singing, this would have been their B-side. I suspect it only made it to number four because the target audience that could have pushed it to the top was left too depressed by it to go out and actually purchase the damn thing.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman giving all your love to just one man. Tammy Wynette. Sign Up. My Account. Privacy Settings. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it.

Woman To Woman




Tammy Wynette:Woman To Woman (1974)


Tammy Wynette - Woman To Woman (Live)



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  1. Woman to Woman is the thirteenth studio album by American country music singer-songwriter Tammy Wynette. It was released on November 25, , by Epic.

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