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Corey Taylor, House of Gold & Bones Comic Book Issue #2 (EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK REVEAL)

stone sour house of gold and bones comic

House of Gold & Bones (Official Comic Book Trailer)

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Fans can purchase it here , or find a shop near you via ComicShopLocator. The description of the comic reads: "Traveling through his new reality, the Human stumbles across an unlikely ally. But with the zombielike Numbers hounding their steps, they must make some unusual choices to avoid capture in an unknown world, with troubling consequences. But can the Human really trust his new friend's advice and find his way home again? Pre-order the comic at this location. The page hardcover is available for pre-order via the Amazon link below.

Corey Taylor is a man that never sleeps. In addition to being the front man for the metal juggernaut, Slipknot, Taylor also is the singer for hard rock outfit Stone Sour. He tours relentlessly throughout the year and when he is not on the road he is in the studio working on new music. His creative muse never rests and he has created some of the most memorable hard rock and heavy metal records of the past few decades. The story lent itself to be turned into some blistering hard rock. Taylor is a lifelong comic book fan and has professed his love for the medium in countless interviews. After pitching the book to a couple publishers Dark Horse Comics stepped in and helped Taylor bring the idea to fruition.

With also a four part comic book mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics videos and more, it is an extensive multi-media project and experience which captures and certainly provokes the imagination. Exploring and moving on the tale of a protagonist called the Human who has awoken in a mysterious world, meeting numerous characters as he is compelled towards Red City before an event called the Conflagration, where he will find the House of Gold and Bones, Part 2 is a darker and arguably even more impacting album compared to its partner. The narrative and music is crafted in a heavier, deeper depth of shadow as it investigates further what was laid out previously whilst at the same time shares and refers with evolving sounds and elements the places unveiled on Part 1. It is a stunning piece of work which as shown by this album, can be taken alone or within the full experience of the concept, both ways bringing equally impressive pleasure and provocation to thoughts and emotions. It is a stunning start to the album which for any other band would be had to back up. Only a few songs in and the album fully declares its diversity and flaming invention, whilst predictability and easy to be seduced by short cuts noticeable by their absence. The second of these two is the first single from the album and is one of the modern rock classics, a deliciously agreeable epidemic of a track which ravages, charges, and magnetises the ear with undiluted craft.

Feelgood were seminal "event" albums in the childhood of Corey Taylor that necessitated the future rock star standing in line for hours and then listening for a couple of days straight once he got the record home. The Stone Sour frontman has set out to find the 21st-century equivalent. For him, it involves comic books. The Human is a man who has to figure out what the rest of his life is going to be, allowing himself to change and be the person he's always wanted to be or keep continuing to make the same mistakes, wrong choices and "spinning his wheels in life's mud. The other protagonist Peckinpah inspired by the Western director Sam is akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame: "He's older and he's trying to help the Human while at the same time not doing everything for him," Taylor says. There is a pair of antagonists, as well. Alan is a ball of anger and sarcastic wit who could blow up at any time, and Black John has a dangerous, off-kilter "God, he's going to destroy us all" vibe.

Grammy-nominated hard rock band Stone Sour have envisioned a new world of music and entertainmentan environment founded on inventive concepts and artistic merit. The multimedia experience offers a comic book, as well as an album of tracks written as a linear storyline chronicling the compelling story of an all-too-familiar antagonist character. Now, Taylor and company guitarists Jim Root fellow Slipknot comrade and Josh Rand, drummer Roy Mayorga, and touring bassist Johny Choware commemorating an additional phase of sophisticated music in their fourth studio album. The band recorded its masterpiece at Sound Farm Studios in Jamaica, Iowa, working with Bottrill to flesh out a skeleton of songs into a track record in just three months. The transcription is below:.

House of Gold & Bones (comics)

Ar tist: Stone Sour. Each element will follow and expand on the story., The effort will also be made available as a four-issue comic book. Aside from it being a completely different album, it feels more like a soundtrack to a movie in a lot of ways, man.

An Interview with Corey Taylor of Stone Sour: Striking Gold

The effort, which is expected to be released in April, will also be made available as a four-issue comic book. Aside from it being a completely different album, it feels more like a soundtrack to a movie in a lot of ways, man. It's really thematic. There are themes from part 1 that reveal themselves and that come again, musically. There's actually stuff from part 2 that you'll hear that's on part 1 and you'll be like, 'Fucking hell! He continued: "We essentially recorded these, and this is where technology is now, so you could have these in a playlist on your iTunes and play them top to fucking bottom and really get that experience while you read both parts. So it's some of our darkest music, our most intricate and complex music, some of the best fucking lyrics I've ever written, to be honest.

The series is published by Dark Horse Comics and is just one of several parts of the multi-faced transmedia narrative which collectively unravels the original story-based concept. Its original cover art was drawn by artist Jason Shawn Alexander, [1] while the "variant cover" was done by artist Richard Clark. Taylor has further said that he is looking at his and Shawn Crahan's new film production company Living Breathing Films to make the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be written from a fan's point of view , rather than a neutral point of view.

Stone Sour (Corey Taylor) - 'House of Gold & Bones, Pt 2? - 'The House of Gold & Bones'


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  1. House of Gold & Bones, the comic, is a limited edition four-issue mini-series created by writer Taylor's band Stone Sour based their two-part concept album House of Gold & Bones on the series, which express the story via a lyrical/ musical.

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