Rough guide vs lonely planet

Lonely planet or rough guide?

rough guide vs lonely planet

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. I see some people say that Rough Guides are better than LP but I would like to hear why you think so or don't. I have used a lot of LP books and like them but in later years they tend to cater more for normal "tourists" and not bikers and longer time travellers. I can do without cooking classes, homosexual hangouts and LP telling me to behave ecologically and politically responsible. I just want to know about what to see, how to get there, where to sleep etc. I preferred the Footprint guides in South America and India but honestly no guide book can be definitive, entirely up-to-date and without flaws.

Can anyone who has recently used the editions of either of these books give me any info on how useful and accurate they were? Most of the reviews online seem to be by people who'd bought them to plan a trip but hadn't actually been to Myanmar yet when they wrote the review, and I know things are changing all the time in Myanmar so I'm wondering if the books are still up to date. I know I can also do research online, which I'd usually do in addition to reading a book, but I prefer to have a printed copy of a guidebook for the early stages of planning a trip and deciding where to go. I depends exactly what you want from them info wise? Some of the listings will be a bit out of date, but the basic info is still applicable.

Lonely Planet: The worldwide standard for a solid guidebook, Lonely Planet Rough Guides: This British series is written by Europeans who understand the.
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I am amazed by the many otherwise smart people who base the trip of a lifetime on a borrowed copy of a three-year-old guidebook. The money they save in the bookstore is wasted the first day of their trip, searching for buses that no longer run and restaurants that have long since closed. As a writer — and user — of guidebooks, I am a big believer in their worth. When I visit somewhere as a rank beginner, I equip myself with a good, up-to-date guidebook. With this tool I can travel like an old pro, not because I'm a super traveler, but because I have reliable information and I use it.

Travel Forums General Talk Lonely planet or rough guide? The Lonely Planet being so ubiquitous that another million people are chasing the same place, I would go for the Rough Guides In fact, I would go for the least common guide you can find. I am not an LP hater, but I am bemused at how many people show up at a place with their fingers tucked into the same page of the LP. We have Lonely Planet ones, but just to really learn more about countries, not really to define our trip. A friend of mine has just been to Thailand and Malaysia and booked all the recommended hostels from Rough Guides. When she turned up they were nothing like the book said and ended up staying in different places they were so bad!!

Lonely Planet or Rough Guide which one should I buy??? - Sri Lanka Forum

Jump to navigation. With an abundance of well-stocked bookstores on the high street, not to mention the rise of online literary retailers like Amazon, choosing the right guidebook to accompany you on the road can be a tad overwhelming. A lot of it comes down to your travel preferences though — are you planning to explore on a budget, for example?

What’s the Matter With Lonely Planet?

I was in Thailand and was eager to get started. Buying that guidebook made my impulsive decision seem real. Thumbing through its pages on my flight home, I was hooked. I loved its emphasis on budget travel and backpacking, the offbeat destinations, and its quirky and funny writing. Their personality matched mine and I was hooked. For good or ill, Lonely Planet often made destinations, hostels, and restaurants. Sure, its guides became synonymous with mass tourism, but for me, they were a great resource to thumb over while on a bus or train, or in a hostel.

Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and GPS have made traveling easier , but a physical travel guide is always a smart investment when trotting the globe. With one book you can navigate, learn the culture, and find hidden hotspots no matter where you are. Lonely Planet guides are updated with new editions every two years or so. Generally, the more popular the location, the more often the guide will be updated. In terms of layout, Lonely Planet guides use double-columned pages with small print.






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  1. I see some people say that Rough Guides are better than LP but I would like to hear why you think so(or don't) I have used a lot of.

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