Is a runny nose a sign of teething

Teething or cold? How to distinguish teething symptoms from an illness

is a runny nose a sign of teething

If your baby's runny nose isn't a symptom of teething, your baby most likely has a cold. Colds become more common around 6 months of age. If your baby is.

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But how many of the normal symptoms are normal with teething? And more importantly, how are you supposed to tell if that runny nose your baby has is a cold or just a symptom of teething? Teething is a topic of some controversy in medical circles. In fact, some studies have shown parents and caregivers overexaggerate symptoms of teething in their babies. I had no idea she was teething. But then my fourth baby came along. Teething involved sleepless nights and irritability.

By Lisa Bendall May 1, Typically, first teeth appear between six and eight months of age. Bottom front teeth usually come in first, followed by the top front teeth. That amounts to many months of second-guessing teething symptoms. Subscribe to our daily newsletter!

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There are affiliate links in this article which means, at no additional cost to you, we could receive compensation for our recommendations. There is no worse feeling in the world than watching your child in discomfort or pain — and being completely helpless. Teething is definitely a milestone I deem as a necessary evil. Your otherwise sweet and wiggly cuddle-bear, turns into a drooling cranky baby from one minute to the next — especially at night, right as you have established an otherwise predictable and mutually comfortable routine. Learn to recognize the eight signs of teething, so you can get your happy baby back in no time.

April Sanders is a writer, teacher and the mother of three boys. Raised on an organic farm, she is an avid gardener and believes that good growth starts with a rich, supportive foundation -- a philosophy that serves her well in both gardening and teaching. Teething is not pleasant for anyone. After all, sharp little teeth pushing through tender gums are likely to cause at least a little discomfort, and one common symptom of teething is a bit of fussy behavior. Many new parents wonder whether teething can also cause other symptoms, like a runny nose.


Is a runny nose during teething normal?

Can Teething Cause Fever in Babies?


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  1. Among the many milestones babies meet in their first year, teething is probably not one of the most enjoyable.

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