Why are 2ds eyes white

Why do 2d's eyes go from black to white?

why are 2ds eyes white

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With the release of the Humility video, we had the bomb drop of a Powerpuff Girls crossover with the addition of Ace from the Gangrene Gange to the band. Well, first of all, his eyes are black as a result of fractured irises from Murdoc related car crashes. Also, who else in the crew has white eyes? Russell Hobbes. And why are his eyes white? This leads me to think that 2D is being possessed by Him, and Russell knows it.

His real name is Stuart Pot his last name was often thought to be Tusspot, though his father changed his name to "Pot" shortly before Stuart was born to avoid him from getting bullied at school , but is often shortened to Stu-Pot. Wilfred's School the same school that educated the members of The Cure.
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It was released on 31 May along with "Lake Zurich" as the first single from their sixth studio album, The Now Now. It charted in a total of 8 countries reaching number 85 on the US Billboard Hot , with its highest position in any chart being number 7 in Billboard 's Hot Rock Songs. The song was first announced on 30 May when Zane Lowe confirmed The Now Now' s release and stated that Damon Albarn would be debuting the song on the Beats 1 program the following day. It starts with shots of 2-D roller-skating around Venice Beach interspersed with shots of Black playing a guitar. After the opening sequence, Noodle is shown playing chess against Remi Kabaka , one of the producers for The Now Now and Russel's voice actor, and checkmating him. When one of them makes a dunk and the ball lands in Ace's hands, he takes out a pocket knife and deflates it, making it impossible for them to keep playing.

I just reliEd after being knocked over by Russel he gets up his eyes change colour. Does anyone know why this happened? I've been going around and hearing speculation that it was lack of possession, as in whatever ghost was inside him faded off. People claim that by the overall confidence and skill Stu seems to have during the video, her after the trip, he can't seem to skate at all. I'm really all for the possession idea since the Spirit house video.

Why Did 2-Ds Eyes Change From White To Black In The End Of Te New Music Video?

This is a good question. I understand they change based off his emotions but how does that work if the blood is dried up inside his eyes to cause the black effect, and how does it turn white like the fuq?

Never understood why 2D had white eyes in plastic beach so i made this edit, hope u like

But as always this will be messy as i have never written theories before till Gorillaz hit me in the face also its like 2am for me now so the typing will be shit. A bright white like with a lil gray gradients on the side. This could possibly be 2D opening his eyes it leds to this. Afterwards once the white flash of light 2D grab jamming ksksks but take a closer look at Noodle, she has a green "pixelated" stuff around her this is clearly the works of a green screen. This isnt the only time you see the green stuff surrounding the characters as the video progresses it gets more n more obvious. Honestly i dont rlly have much to say as i havent figure out what it means but maybe this is him like like possessed n crap not only that the light gets stronger in a later part of the video. As you can see I've been bringing up the green screen quite some time now as if you have watch the video it ended like this.


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