Alex wassabi and laurdiy merch

LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi Announce New Merch Clothing Line

alex wassabi and laurdiy merch

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Alex Wassabi merch hoodie Gently worn, no stains,great condition from the official Alex Wassabi merch store. Be there early to make sure you can get in! Address: Ventura Blvd. Studio City. T- shirts, and wassabi hats. There are pink,white, and black wassabi hats!

Sometimes you have to take some time apart to realize what you have. Riihimaki and Burriss have been together for three years, during which time they have frequently collaborated on videos together and have even released co-branded merch. Burriss, a daily vclogger, counts 11 million subscribers. Both creators are taking time off from YouTube in the wake of the breakup, they said, and asked fans for their support upon their respective returns. Other couples have found themselves in the unique conundrum of having to explain to invested fans that they are splitting up after chronicling their happy relationships on camera for extended stretches. And given this dynamic as well as the natural human inclination toward gossip breakup videos have even emerged as a popular YouTube genre of sorts.

Top definition. Lauren Riihimaki also known as laurdiy is a youtube personality. She has been on youtube since and inspire many since. Lauren has about 7. She makes DIYS, does fun challenges, travel, and show the real her.

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Like many YouTubers, Lauren Riihimaki better known to millions of fans as LaurDIY began her creator career unintentionally: She started posting crafty, do-it-yourself videos as a hobby in Fast-forward to today, and her popular how-to tutorials and vlogs have been viewed more than 1. LaurDIY has blossomed into a multifaceted business, encompassing a team of about a dozen people supporting her content production, advertising, lines of merchandise and partnerships.


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