Why is my bearded dragon shaking

Bearded Dragon Seizures

why is my bearded dragon shaking

Bearded Dragon with Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD)

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Q: My female bearded dragon has suffered some seizures. I would like to know what causes this and what I can to do prevent it from happening again. This is not the first time she has had a seizure, but this time it is taking longer for her to recover. I also think she is pregnant and was wondering if this is why it is taking longer for her to recover? I got her a new reptile terrarium yesterday and put some crushed walnuts at the bottom for substrate. Could she have had an allergic reaction to them?

Log in or Sign up. Aussie Pythons and Snakes. Bearded dragon shivering! My bearded dragon has been shaking after I cooled him down for winter and before i went on holidays he was fine now he has half his eyes shut and is warm but starts to shiver when he moves. I have increased the temps but he is still the same? BT , Jul 14, Do a search blake there have been good threads regarding that type of behaviour , mainly looking at uv deficiency or calcium deficit.

Of course, many animals try to hide their illnesses because of their instinct not to be, well, eaten by something faster and stronger.
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Help!! Bearded dragon shivering!

Bearded dragon -Calcium Deficiency Tremors. Years of pet shop neglect. 5.

How to prevent metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons




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