Great fairy fountain ocarina of time

Great Fairy Fountain

great fairy fountain ocarina of time

Great Fairy's Fountain ~ The Legend of Zelda ~ Ocarina of Time ~ 1 HOUR!


Unlike regular Fairy Fountains, however, Great Fairy Fountains house Great Fairies who will grant Link special powers, rather than just restoring his health. Great Fairy Fountains are scattered throughout Hyrule. If it is Link's first visit to the particular fountain, she will grant him a new power. If it is a re-visit to the Fountain, Link's health and Magic Meter will be fully restored. Interestingly, there are hidden Fairy Fountains outdoors that contain only regular fairies that appear when Link has played the " Song of Storms ".

Great Fairies are recurring characters in the Legend of Zelda series. Great Fairies are highly powerful Fairies commonly found residing within well-hidden fountains. They can provide Link with powerful items, as well as enhanced health and magic. They are the closest thing to leaders of the race of Fairies, and are commonly depicted as being distinctly humanoid in appearance. Great Fairies look identical to the fairies that randomly appear when an enemy is defeated. They fully heal Link every time he visits a Fairy Pond when his health is depleted.

Latest Announcements. They are usually located in holes or caves; however, they are inside of houses shaped like seashells in The Wind Waker and out in the open in Breath of the Wild. They are often inaccessible without special abilities or items, for example, behind giant rocks or walls that must be bombed. Upon accessing the Fountain , Link may be rewarded with important items or power-ups which are helpful or necessary to finish the game. However, in some games such as A Link to the Past , Great Fairies residing within fountains only heal Link without granting him any special abilities. Two ponds similar to Great Fairy Fountains are found throughout the land of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda , and although they are not specifically referred to as such, they can be inferred to be Great Fairy Fountains since they serve the same purpose as in other Zelda games.

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Din's Fire - Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Great Fairy Fountain - Part 169


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