Ryan seacrest and katy perry

'American Idol' Viewers Were Super Confused by Ryan Seacrest's 'Mom' Comments to Katy Perry

ryan seacrest and katy perry

While Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom haven't publicly acknowledged their engagement beyond a cryptic Instagram post, Katy's American Idol.

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Ryan Seacrest is coming under scrutiny online after an awkward-seeming exchange with Katy Perry during American Idol ' s live show on Sunday night May The show went on a commercial break, and when it came back to live air, Seacrest was standing at the judges' table where Lionel Richie , Perry and Luke Bryan were seated. He was positioned directly in front of Perry. She tells him, "We're on," evidently thinking he does not know the show is back, and in a strange non-sequitur, he replies, "Your mom's pretty. Seacrest continues by saying, "You are too, but you're not a mom," to which Perry replies, "Not yet. That awkward moment prompts a response from Richie, who appears to mutter, "Don't start," while Bryan interjects by joking, "I leaked it. Is this real TV?

Things got seriously uncomfortable on American Idol last night. This season has certainly seen its share of awkward moments , but this might be the most cringeworthy one of all. Ryan Seacrest was caught on live TV making some weird comments to Katy Perry , apparently unaware that they were back on the air after a commercial break. As the camera pans in, Perry pointedly says "We're on," trying to direct Seacrest's attention to the camera. Perry says, "My mom? And then Seacrest made things seriously weird when he said, "Do you wanna talk about it?

On Sunday night's episode of American Idol , the five remaining contestants were coached by the show's season four winner Carrie Underwood and eventually whittled down to a final three. But the most attention-grabbing part of the night was an exchange between host Ryan Seacrest and judge Katy Perry that left many viewers scratching their heads. Well, I hope the apple doesn't fall from the tree," she replies, giving the camera an exaggerated smile and wink. But you're not a mom yet," Seacrest continues in a low voice, prompting Perry to confirm, "Not yet. As the studio audience stays silent, Perry and fellow judge Luke Bryan share a laugh, and judge Lionel Richie tells Seacrest, "Don't start," before Perry reminds Seacrest that the show is back on air. Many people have taken to Twitter to react to the moment. Is that an appropriate question?

Source: PA Images. What was with that creepy AmericanIdol moment with Ryan Seacrest just now? I am so uncomfortable. You guys Did he know they were on air or?

By Demeter Stamell For Dailymail. They may have been firm friends, but things have reportedly turned frosty between Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest. Host with the most According to Rushfield, he 'has grown notably cooler on the prospect' of flying back and forth between coasts after learning about Katy's pay offer. During an interview with radio station

Ryan kept asking awkward questions about Katy and her mother despite the judges telling him cameras were rolling to start the show. Ryan Seacrest looked pretty embarrassed after his "creepy" comments to Katy Perry were caught live on air during American Idol. Katy tried to tell him that they were rolling, so he needed to stop making the awkward advances, but Ryan kept going with his comments about Katy and her "pretty" mum. Ryan wandered in front of the judge's table and, in front of the other judges Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan, started tapping on the desk with his pen before chatting to Katy. Katy clearly felt awkward at what he said, as she'd already asked whether they were on the air, so tried to reply in a funny way to take the pressure off. It was at this moment the other judges stepped in, with Lionel adding: "Don't start!

What Does Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry’s Awkward ‘American Idol’ Moment Mean? [Watch]

TV host appeared to not realise the show was back on air as he continued to make suggestive comments to the pop star. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has been caught making a series of bizarre comments to pop star and judge Katy Perry , apparently unaware he was live on television. -


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  1. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has been caught making a series of bizarre comments to pop star and judge Katy Perry, apparently unaware he was live on television. The awkward moment took place during the most recent episode of the singing contest as the show returned from a.

  2. But an awkward exchange with American Idol judge Katy Perry on Sunday night's semifinal show has a lot of Idol fans wondering what Seacrest was thinking when he unleashed what sounded like a prying question.

  3. In an extremely awkward clip from the Mother's Day episode of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest appears to be hitting on the show's judge, Katy.

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