Salt and pepper mini schnauzer

"miniature schnauzer" in South Africa

salt and pepper mini schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed - Interesting Facts - Happy, Affectionate, and Stubborn

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The Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer is the most common color for the breed. The outer guard coat hairs are banded in shades ranging from light silver through grey to black, often ending in black hair tips. There is a lot of variation in shading and depth of color from dog to dog. The color of the undercoat becomes most apparent when the dog is clipped. I often get asked this question.

Born with solid black bodies. They have Black eyes, black pads and a black nose. Black schnauzers are born with solid black hair. Just like humans, most black schnauzer hair will lighten to a dark gray when they get older. Sometimes it is hard to tell what color they are when they are born but if you will look at the pads of their nose and feet you will be able to tell. Salt and Pepper Schnauzers are born with banded hairs and turn silver as adults. Salt and Pepper Schnauzers vary in their birth color.

Partis can come in any of the Black based colors. Liver Pepper. Fading is very prominent in the Schnauzer breed. Some a few shades and other fade more dramaticly. Liver peppers will get lighter with each grooming and at maturity will typically be mixture of lighter brown hair to cream in color.

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