Pink floyd brain damage eclipse

Certain Songs #1561: Pink Floyd – “Brain Damage / Eclipse”

pink floyd brain damage eclipse

Brain Damage" is the ninth track from English rock band Pink Floyd's album The Dark During the closing instrumental, beginning at about , after the second chorus and leading into the final track, "Eclipse", only Peter Watts' "lunatic .


Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Eventually this title would be used for the album itself. The song seemed to be partially inspired by their former band member Syd Barrett who had endured mental breakdown. The piece represents Waters' association with acoustic-tinged ballads, and along with "If" and "Grantchester Meadows", Brain Damage uses a simple melody and delivery. Gilmour actively encouraged Waters to sing the song, even though at this time he wasn't particularly confident about his vocal abilities. In fact the song is the only track on the album to exclusively feature Waters as the lead vocalist.

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The Home Office gave me all kinds of shit for only doing a couple of posts on The Dark Side of the Moon , figuring that it would be total and complete clickbait, and maybe even drive my readership into triple digits, but I told them to fuck right off, not because I have any kind of integrity, but I want to get to writing about Wish You Were Here. But also because I found even some of the better songs on side two a bit, er, lush. The lunatic is on the grass The lunatic is on the grass Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs Got to keep the loonies on the path. All that you touch And all that you see All that you taste All you feel And all that you love And all that you hate All you distrust All you save. As Waters lists all the things you do — give, deal, buy, steal create, destroy, etc — the music builds and builds, piling on layers and layers of instruments as he piles on layers and layers of meaning, until he gets to his seemingly conflicting points: everything matters and everything is futile. It stemmed from an idea of Waters, where he asked various folks hanging around the studio questions via flash cards, and recorded their answers, which are strewn around the record. Your email address will not be published.

Pink Floyd- Brain Damage/Eclipse/Money uncut 7"

Pink Floyd - Brain Damage / Eclipse

Brain Damage (song)

It was almost 44 years ago now that Pink Floyd released what would become their best known and most influential work: The Dark Side of the Moon. By now, it has sold over 45 million copies, making it the album with the third highest number of sales. There were many special things about the album and it is without a doubt the biggest commercial and critical success of the progressive rock movement of the s and 70s. Inspired by ex-band member Syd Barrett , whose abuse of psychoactive substances had likely led to his psychosis and ultimately the inability to perform with the band, the songs explore an aspect of the stigmatization of people with psychosis that is relevant as much, if not more, today as it was at the time of writing. The first of the two songs begins with familiar multi-instrumental sound of prog rock from the time. Behind the guitar, bass guitar, and cymbals, however, is the low pitched and quiet sound of a drum resembling the human heart beat. Curiously, this sound fades away as the vocals come in:.



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  1. Gilmour sang the lead vocal when Pink Floyd performed it live on their tour as can be heard on Pulse.

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