Don julio 1942 tequila costco price

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don julio 1942 tequila costco price

A tribute tequila of astonishing depth, Don Julio®: ™: is presented in an elongated bottle whose design is inspired by the agave leaf. This extraordinary.

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Last year Costco stores in Washington started selling liquor. The prices below include Washington State liquor tax. We watched prices for a few weeks before we made this list and we noticed that Costco liquor prices do fluctuate — sometimes a few cents, sometimes a few dollars. Disclaimer — We realize alcohol deals will not apply to everyone. We are not advocating alcohol any more than we advocate a heavily-meat-based diet when we post steak deals, or excessive snacking when we post potato chip deals.

The Distilled Spirits Council also reports that the super-premium category of tequila has seen a whopping percent growth since , and the trade association's spokeswoman Kelley McDonough says that the agave spirit is "no longer only associated with celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo or enjoyed in pre-batched frozen margaritas at a beach bar. So sit back, grab a few of these bottles, and see for yourself why tequila is well on its way to becoming the next liquor to appeal to sippers worldwide. This white ceramic, hand painted decanter holds some pretty tasty reposado tequila. Not content to limit his liquor holdings to vodka, P. The most unique aspect, though, is probably the gold ball on top of the stopper.

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From the cultivation of the agave to the final product, he refined an intricate process that produces one of Mexico's most exquisite tequilas.
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