Stranger things nancy and jonathan

Why Jonathan & Nancy In 'Stranger Things 3' Make A Great Couple And A Great Team

stranger things nancy and jonathan

Stranger Things - Nancy & Jonathan-"Their Journey" (S1- S3)

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Netflix's Stranger Things is not a show that focuses on things like love triangles or high school romances. At least, they don't focus on it much. But they still exist and the biggest love triangle has to be between Nancy Wheeler and the two men in her life: Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers. While the two didn't start off on the best of terms, they ended up handling the situation with as much grace as possible, and even developed a mutual respect for each other. That is why they both have solid reasons that showcase why Nancy should be with them. Let's weigh in on who is the better fit for her with the reasons why Nancy should be with Jonathan. Since the first moment we saw Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers on-screen together, it was evident there were feelings there, particularly on Jonathan's side.

Nancy Wheeler , portrayed by starring cast member Natalia Dyer , is a major character in the first , second , and third seasons of Stranger Things. At first, concerned with simple teenage high school issues, her world is turned upside down when her best friend Barbara Holland vanishes, encouraging her to seek out the truth. Still grieving for the death of her best friend, Nancy's relationship with Steve Harrington fell apart, eventually causing the two to break up. Later, Nancy and Jonathan decided to take on a journey on themselves to expose Hawkins National Laboratory as a threat. A month later, Nancy officially started a romantic relationship with Jonathan. In the summer of , in Season 3, Nancy and Jonathan were still a couple where the two started working together at the Hawkins Post. However, Nancy was belittled and mocked by her male co-workers for being the only female journalist at the Post.

And it's true the middle schoolers have grown up before viewers' eyes both due to the passage of time and the traumatic events they've experienced. And if Eleven and her friends are maturing, it must be doubly true for the older batch of teenagers, who are now bona fide adults. Sure, Steve Joe Keery , Nancy Natalia Dyer , and Jonathan Charlie Heaton were embroiled in a childish love triangle for the first two seasons, but now that Nancy and Jonathan are officially dating in Stranger Things 3 , it's clear how much the two have changed since the start of the series. While audiences initially disliked the cocky jock, he evolved into a kinder, more empathetic person as the series progressed, eventually becoming a mother hen to the younger kids. After Nancy drunkenly broke up with Steve at a party, it seemed like Jonathan would finally get his chance to be with her. But both of them were in denial about their feelings until private investigator Murray Bauman Brett Gelman quite literally forced their hands in Season 2, which took place in late

Nancy and Jonathan are really good friends in real life and maybe more. Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers may not just be an onscreen couple on the second season of " Stranger Things. In the second season, Nancy breaks up with Steve and finds herself gravitating toward Jonathan who she bonded with in season one after his brother disappeared. If you were feeling the on-screen chemistry between the two there may be another explanation. There's nothing fake about these smiles and looks. Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, who play Nancy and Jonathan, have been spotted traveling together multiple times from Los Angeles, sending each other cute messages on Instagram, and were recently caught holding hands while in New York City. It's no secret that many of the "Stranger Things" cast are close friends , but it has fans thinking Dyer and Heaton are more than just good pals.

But when it matters they are there for each other. Skip navigation!

Stranger Things - Jonathan and Nancy sleep togather (HD 1080p)


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  2. In the summer of , in Season 3, Nancy and Jonathan were still a couple she discovered that the rats and Mrs. Driscoll's strange behavior was linked to.

  3. "We're not kids anymore," Nancy Wheeler's little brother Mike says in a Stranger Things 3 teaser. As a quick refresher, Nancy dated Steve Harrington all through Season 1 and for half of Season 2. While audiences initially disliked the cocky jock, he evolved into a kinder, more.

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