Venta de buses en guatemala

Cacharros zombis: ?su autobus local ha resucitado en Guatemala?

venta de buses en guatemala

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Hello friends! I was doing some googling on this, but no success. I am staying in Antigua at the moment and would like to spend the night of Saturday in Chichicastenango. I am not fond of shuttles and "gringos" easy and expensive solutions. Anyone knows how to get there by public bus, like, I imagine a return to Guate will be necessary but my point is

Each year in the United States hundreds of school buses are decommissioned. They are deemed unsafe for the transportation of passengers due to accidents, mechanical issues or structural concerns. This creates a huge industry for recycling of parts and materials, it also creates a huge amount of waste which ends up in junk yards and landfills. But it also creates an industry of importing school buses to Guatemala. Then they are repurposed into beautiful works of functional art! The view inside a full chicken bus.

Chicken Bus in Antigua #Guatemala + + + #reiseblog #travelblog Nice Bus, . torton en Angamacutiro - en ventas sus unidades .
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The base vehicle is usually a retired North American school bus on a light or medium truck chassis. The word " chicken " may refer to the fact that the buses are often crammed with passengers not unlike a truck load of chickens, [1] or to the fact that Central Americans occasionally transport live animals on such busesa practice that visitors from other countries often find remarkable. Often two young men will partner in the operation of a bus, one of whom will have his license, while the other dubs himself the ayudante or "helper". The ayudante is responsible for passengers and luggage, collecting money, and organizing the suitcases, livestock, or produce, etc. Loudly announcing destinations the bus is reaching is also a responsibility. Some buses sport vibrant paint including the bus's name and permanent route. Often religious imagery and verbiage is also employed.

how to book with Linea Dorada bus on-line? New website? - Guatemala City Forum

Venta de microbuses Toyota Hiace en Guatemala

The Chicken Bus (Guatemalas Unusual Mode of Transport)

Nuestro personal calificado le brindara la mejor experiencia desde el momento en que compra su boleto hasta su destino final. Cuenta con 14 municipios y su cabecera departamental es Flores Diccionario Municipal de Guatemala, Cuenta con 7. Huehuetenango es el nombre de un departamento de Guatemala, de un municipio de este departamento que a su vez es la cabecera departamental. La ciudad de Huehuetenango se encuentra a una distancia de aproximadamente km de la ciudad capital a una altura de 1.

And at. Thanks for the reply! I hope someone will provide more useful info May be through some reputable agent who gets his commission from Linea Dorada and don't put it on their prices. I'd hoped someone with more useful info - the reply you'd have liked - would answer.


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