Overwatch summer games end date

Overwatch Summer Games 2019: How to earn skins for Mei, Reaper and Reinhardt

overwatch summer games end date


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The Overwatch Summer Games event is now well and truly over for another year, wrapping up right at the end of August. In this Overwatch Summer Games guide , we'll be detailing everything there was to know about the event while it was still on, including the various Overwatch Summer Games skins you could earn. We have a wealth of additional guides on Overwatch here at USgamer, all of which can be found in our Overwatch guides hub , including guides on how to perfect your playstyle as your favorite hero, as well as how to earn Loot Boxes as quickly as possible. It feels like forever ago since Overwatch took the world by storm all the way back in The Summer Games event of that year was the very first event that Blizzard ever ran for their new hero shooter, and the Summer Games event returned for the third year in a row in , having started back on August 9.

Overwatch has kicked off its Summer Games for this year, and that of course means new skins and plenty more Lucioball. Each week, players can earn new epic skins for Reaper, Mei, and Reinhardt. It's all red, white, and blue with some prominent beveled stars on his shoulder pads and the muzzles of hist shotguns. You'll unlock the skins by winning nine games in quick play, competitive, or arcade. There are four new legendary skins to grind for as well, including Surf 'n' Splash Torbjorn, a Lucioball-themed Wrecking Ball, and Genji's Kendoka skin, which to my eye is easily the coolest of the bunch. This year's event looks like more or less the same deal as we've seen in summers past, although this time around Hammond is involved in Lucioball. That's either as the referee or the balland possibly both.

Overwatch's annual Summer Games event kicked off today in what came as a surprise to many fans across the globe. The summer-themed.
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Jump to navigation. Players will be able to participate in the event from now through August 5. All signs point to a change to the games rules which will force teams to field some damage characters rather than flooding their team with tanks and supports. Former pro Fissure implied as much after he retired from OWL midseason, and the broadcasting team hinted strongly that a 2 damage, 2 tank, 2 support role lock will soon be enforced to kill the GOATs meta once and for all. Inspired by the limited-time events for characters such as Baptiste , Ana , and D. Va , players can unlock a few specific skins, sprays, and player icons simply by winning games each week. These challenges will reset each week on Tuesday, replaced by a new set of cosmetics.

The Overwatch Summer Games 2019 started early - here are the new skins and weekly challenges

Overwatch Summer Games 2019 New Skins, Weekly Challenges, Lucioball

The Overwatch Summer Games are back for Blizzard launched the event early this year, after a summer schedule change mentioned last week during the July Developer Update. The team with the most points after four minutes or six in competitive mode wins the game. Winning a match awards 4 Competitive Points each, and end of the season points are dished out as follows:. The mode is still played on the same maps from the past three years, and no new rules or adjustments have been made. Other than the date, one other thing has changed for the Summer Games this year.

Overwatch is an online team-based first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment , and released worldwide in May Normally played in matches of six-vs-six, players select from one of over 30 heroes , broadly classified into the three roles of Tank, Damage, and Support, and work with their team to attack or defend map objectives. Each hero has a unique set of weapons, abilities, and skills, which players use to coordinate with their team to overpower the other. Overwatch supports both casual and ranked matchmaking, as well as a rotating set of arcade modes, and the game has since become a popular esport , featuring the Overwatch League that started in To support ongoing interest in the game, Blizzard has run several seasonal events, typically coinciding with worldwide events and holidays. These events last for two to three weeks, updating levels to incorporate elements of that theme, and provide new game modes along with the opportunity to buy items with credits or acquire them through the game's loot box system.

As Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan teased in a recent developer update - which also confirmed that the next hero will be slightly delayed - the hero shooter's latest Summer Games event has arrived a bit ahead of scheduled. The Overwatch Summer Games are now underway, bringing another round of Lucioball - think Rocket League but as a hero shooter - and a new wave of skins. In addition to all the skins from previous years, seven new Summer Games skins are available this time around - four Legendary and three Epic. Here's how they look:. You can get the Legendary skins from Summer Games loot boxes opened during the event, but the Epic skins can only be obtained by winning games in quick play, competitive play, or the arcade in order to complete rotating weekly challenges.


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