Jeep cherokee heater not working

AC/heater fan not working

jeep cherokee heater not working


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A year ago I bought a Jeep. I did what I do whenever something happens to her: jump on the Google and the Jeep forums to diagnose what could be the matter, watch a bunch of YouTube videos and decide whether I have the parts, tools and guts to go for it. Lots of people in the forums say the Blower Switches on the dash the wheel you use to select low, medium high are prone to melt. So prone to melt, in fact, that people who check XJs in junk yards for their switches say that typically 4 out of 5 switches are toast. Fine then.

Sounds like you have air in the system let it run for a lil while and release. The pressure in system this will push all air out of system should fix it.
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Just bought a '97 Jeep Cherokee Country pretty cheap, knowing there were problems with it. My first priority is to get the heat working before winter. Fan switch does nothing in any position. Where do I start with fixing this? I briefly looked behind the glove box but I don't really know what I'm looking at. Can someone help me out?

How to Fix a No Heat Problem on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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