Fairy and unicorn coloring pages

Unicorn Coloring Pages, 100 Black and White Pictures. Print ThemOnline!

fairy and unicorn coloring pages

Kids love fairy tales and the incredible characters associated with them like unicorns & flying horses. Check 50 free printable unicorn coloring pages here.

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By Best Coloring Pages June 29th Children love fairy tales and fantasies as well as the fantastic creatures appearing in them. This is the reason they love unicorns, flying horses, the phoenix birds and mermaids. Unicorns are legendary creatures that originated from the traditional European folklore. The beautiful animals are depicted as having the basic appearance of a horse along with a single, spiraling, pointed horn projecting from their foreheads. According to various encyclopedias, the horns of these magical creatures have the power to heal sicknesses and turn poisoned water into potable liquid. Like any other legendary creature, unicorn coloring sheets allow your kids to travel to a fantasy land full of wonders where they can indulge their imagination and take part in marvelous adventures to fulfill some object or defeat the evil.

By Best Coloring Pages March 8th Unicorns are a beautiful subject to color. Now the adults can have their fun with these complex and detailed unicorn coloring pages. Immerse yourself in the fantasy, bring yourself back to your youth and believe in magic again. Watch as the unicorn comes alive on the page as you color along. All of our printables are free.

I was rather embarrassingly obsessed with unicorns when I was in 4th grade. I had to have them everywhere and on everything! Not only do these creatures provide a touch of magic in our lives, but these coloring pages can also be a great starting point for learning about the mythology of various ancient cultures. For example, did you know that in Greek mythology, Pegasus was the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa? Be sure to check out our Unicorn activity sheets , too!

Let kiddos enjoy a ride to the mythological world by putting color to unique and printable pages dedicated to the legendary unicorn. Their sketches look beautiful on canvas and can be colored to look complete. Unicorns are mostly white creatures. So you can paint the background in bright colors to make its silhouette prominent. The hair on the mane and tail is curved for a gorgeous look of the creature.

Top 50 Unicorn Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

This amazing creature was first introduced in European fables. A unicorn closely resembles a horse; the only exception is a single horn protruding from its forehead. A few renditions have facial hair and hooves of a goat. The horns of these magical creatures have the power to neutralize poison. It can even turn poisoned water into potable liquid. Kids love fairy tales and the incredible characters associated with them like unicorns, flying horses, phoenix and mermaids. Unicorns often appear as sidekicks of maidens and princesses.

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